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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Backups are IMPORTANT!!!

Hi There!

I just read a post, this morning, where someone lost their cell phone and they're now desperate. Cell phone was stolen and they're now begging for their memory card from their phone, to be returned, 'cause they've lost precious pictures of their newborn child.

PLEASE PEOPLE - SAVE YOUR CELL PHONE PICTURES ONTO YOUR COMPUTER!!! Put them on SkyDrive, The Cloud, DropBox, on your computer.... ANYWHERE!!!
Before its too late.

My 25 cents worth of advice, this morning.

Have a great day!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Zelda 'n Bandit's Daily Journal - Bandit Asks About Going to the Beach

Hi there!

I have 2 dogs. Zelda is a neurotic German Shepherd and we adopted Bandit, a mostly Black Lab mix, from my parents. My parents were moving in, from a country farm house into an appartment, in the city.

Anyhow, from time to time, I write about them on Face Book. Thought I'd share their posts with you, on here, too.

Zelda 'n Bandit's Daily Journal:

Bandit here: Okay, I need some advice. My human Mommy and Daddy aren't sure, so they've asked me to ask you humans.

My Medical Info:
Senior: I'll be 10 in 2 months. That's 70 in human years for those of you that can't do the math. I'm a wee bit overweight... still. My ex-human Mommy said I had arthritis. My new human Mommy says that was just Fat-Assitis. I've slimmed down since I've moved in here and can now jump! Okay, with just my 2 front paws and only for food, but HEY... I can "jump".

The Scenario: We went to the beach yesterday and HEY! When I was tired, I stopped and rested. I'm no dumb bunny!
That stupid Zelda and her new puppy friend ran and ran and ran. But when my human Mommy threw a rock, guess who was the fastest at getting it, eh?!?!? YOURS TRULY!!!!

The Problem: This morning, I was all "stiff". My human Mommy had to invite me.... MANY TIMES... to go out and do my thing. Me, I just wanted to lay down on my comfy bed. I'm outta shape. That's all.

The Question: Would it be better if I stayed home while that bitch Zelda gets to play? I mean, I love the beach as much as anyone and their dog, right?
Or, should my human Mommy continue taking me to the beach, in hopes that my muscles will get better and better... with time?

Any and all replies will be read and translated into doggy woofs, so that Zelda and I can understand.
And, because you've been so patient at reading my post, I'm including one of my pictures.

Please disregard my white beard. I'm younger at heart than you think!