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Monday, January 26, 2009

Dear Hannah Blocks

Hi there!

Well, a good (internet) friend encouraged me to join
the Dear Hannah BOW (Block Of the Week).

Anyhow, I told her that "IF" I joined up,
I would be doing ONLY the appliqué'd flowers.

THEN.... those wheels in my head starting turning, again!

I figured that I might as well do TWO of each
and at the end of the year, I'd have TWO "Dear Hannah" quilts!!!

PLUS.... since I've been slowly collecting 30's fabrics,
I figured that I'd do them in 30's!


This one is A-3 = Dragon Tail

And this one is A-5 - California Star

So far, I've managed to make two, of each....

This week's DH BOW, I will be making:

A-11 = Ali's Sweet Wiliam.

I'll keep you posted on that one.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Evening

Hi there!

I honestly don't know where the day went, today,
but it's now 10h15 pm and it feels like I didn't do a THING, today!!!


I did manage to make 2 fabric postcards.
They're now stamped and addressed and
should be out in the mailbox, tomorrow.

I went out, this afternoon and mailed my
"Heart 2 Heart" swap blocks...
and another postcard that I worked on, this week.

Anyhow, while at the store, I started looking at
those packages of valentines.... you know?
The stuff that Mom's buy, for their kids, in school?

Well, I surprised myself and picked up a box of these!

Now, bear in mind that my youngest SON is now 19 years old
and I haven't bought Valentine cards in AGES....
much less with BARBIES!!!

Well, I just HAD to get them -
don't ask me what I'll be doing with them....
but they're now in MY possession! LOL

Anyhow, as I was walking to the car,
I was giggling to myself....


I'll be 50 years "young", next month
and I think I'm REALLY trying to turn the clock backwards!


Well, I still have tomorrow to catch up on this week's Dear Jane BOW
(Block Of the Week) and to finish off another
Dear Hannah block.

Wish me luck!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hearts - DONE!!!

Hi there!

After, I don't know HOW MANY blogs I've done on my
"Heart 2 Heart" block swap, I've FINALLY finished them!!!!

FORTY heart blocks - most of them, all different!

And I did "most" of them, in double....
keeping 1 for me.

Am I happy, you ask?!?!?

No... I'm ECSTATIC!!!!

If you want to see it better, you can click on the picture,
for the BIG size!

And for those of you that are mathematically challenged - like me....
AND are "visually challenged" - like me....

I measured the width. It was 55 inches (approx.).

Now, mind you most of these are over-sized
and there's a space between them -
just imagine sashing, there, instead of a space.

Anyhow, that's about the size of the quilt,
that 40 blocks will give you. *s*

Hoping to mail these out to the "Swap Hostess",
this weekend....


Friday, January 16, 2009

Another Cold Night !!!

Hi There!

We usually have a cold snap, in January...

This week has been INCRA-DAH-BULL!!!

Last night and tonight, with wind chill factor, it is:

MINUS 40!!!

And, for those of you that enjoy trivia....

That's the only number that is IDENTICAL,
whether in Fahrenheit or Celsius !!!

Headin' off to bed and snuggling under
one of my quilts!



Thursday, January 15, 2009

Spidron - A New Adventure!!!

Hi there!

Well, last spring I finally joined a quilting guild-
The Marco Polo Quilting Guild....
Mind you, it sure helps that they meet once a month,
about 3 blocks away. *grin*

Anyhow.... and silly me.... I have a knack of
biting more than I can chew, or
jumping both feet FIRST and then,
asking questions....

Soooooo, our guild booked us for an "on-line" quilting course.

Have any of you ever done that, before?
No? Well, neither have I! LOL

Gilbert asked if it would be done in video format.
I replied, "Hell, I don't know!!!"


Well, this evening, I was to pull out 2 light colors - 1 lighter than the other, and
2 dark colors - 1 lighter than the other.

Now, here's the tricky part... all 4 colors had to be 2/3 of a yard EACH!

I think I've been doing too many Dear Jane blocks....
Most of my fabrics are either 1/4 yard or fat quarters -
or even less, sometimes! *grin*

I had been procrastinating till tonight,
I HAD to find fabric, in my stash!

After all, tomorrow is supposed to be our first lesson!

After pulling out almost ALL my totes - fabric scattered ALL over - mayhem reigned!
And almost 1 hours later, here's what I selected....

Ivory, peach, taupe and what I call my "snake skin" fabric (far right).

Have any of you ever used the wrong side of a fabric?

Well, I've been tempted before, but tonight,
desperate measures had to be taken.

I'll be using the wrong side of my "snake skin" fabric.

Will keep you guys and gals posted on how my
"on-line" courses are coming!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Prices in the 50's

Hi There!

Received this in my email, yesterday....

Apparently, it's the 50's prices....

Anyhow, long story short, I tried to email it to my friend, Barb,
and her "aliens" wouldn't let her see it. (inside joke)

Soooo, I thought I'd upload it on my blog
and let you view these prices....

Hey! on the other hand, it doesn't show
what the average person earned,
waaaaaaaay back "when"....



Saturday, January 10, 2009

HELP!!! Need some advice....

Hi there!

I signed up for a 30's and 40's fabric swap.

Now, I've been slowly accumulating these fabrics
but usually only purchase a 1/4 yard,
or a fat quarter.

I DO have a few pieces of MUCH bigger "chunks"....

But, since I don't consider myself a
30's and 40's fabric expert,
I thought I'd post a few pictures on here
and have YOU tell me if you think these
are 30's and 40's era...

I really wouldn't want to try and
swap out these fabrics,
if they're not 30's and 40's, right?

I've tried to take pictures of their selvages...

I have a big chunk of this pink one, in yellow, too...

Hearts 32 and 33 !!!

Hi there!

Well, after we got home from our
"Saturday Morning Errands",
I decided to clean up my design wall
and pull out ALL my heart blocks.

*long groan*

I thought I had 37 made.... it was only 33.....

Anyhow, I've now got a total of 35 made,
but some are identical...

So, for this blog, I'm calling this heart #32.

Remember I'm making them double -
1 for me and 1 for the Heart 2 Heart swap?

Well, these 2 are almost identical....

Not sure which one I'll keep....

I think they're BOTH adorable!


Tomorrow's another day.... I had hope FERVENTLY
that I'd be finished making these hearts and that
I'd be able to mail them out, tomorrow....

Doesn't look that way - hopefully, NEXT weekend!


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another Heart - #31

Hi there!

I know I counted this one as #31,
but I actually have 37 hearts made,
for the "Heart 2 Heart" swap!!!

40 people have signed up, so far....

Can't wait to send these off to the swap Mommy
and concentrate on my "special" hearts.


Anyhow, I think this one was called,
a "Heart within a Heart".

TRUST ME... it looks a LOT better
in person! *grin*

That's about it.... Need only 3 more hearts,
recount them, to be 100% sure,
attach a paper to each of them, with my name,
address a box, with swap Mommy's name on it,
and POOF!!!
Mail them off!



Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas in January - YAAAAH!!!

Hi there!

My friend, Elaine, told me that she had
mailed me a "little" something, on the 17th of December,
from California - PRIORITY POST.

Well, I finally received it, today - the 6th of January!

If this is a "little" something, I'd hate to see your
"big" something!


I thought I'd share you what gifties that
Elaine had in her package, for me.

A beautiful Angel - she already has "her" spot,
in my sewing studio! *grin*

OH MY GOD! I think my knees buckled,
when I saw this gorgeous wooden box,
with all this yummy tea.....

All NEW flavours - what an adventure, I will have!!!


And HEY!!! when I will have drunk all this tea,
what a LOVELY box, for sewing supplies, eh?!??


Now, at this point, I think Elaine was trying to tell me something!

Actually, this is a "Chocolate Moose" cookie mix,
along with a "moose" cookie cutter....


Two cute little ornaments.....
in fact, I think one of them is a "moose".... LOL

Now, this gorgeous Christmas bag,
clinched it, for me...

An adorable "moose"!!!

From the bottom of my heart, Elaine....
I want to thank you, for warming my heart, today....


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hearts - 27 to 30!!!

Hi there!

I'm stilling dealing with a sore tummy,
and trying to forget the discomfort which
borderlines on pain, sometimes.

Anyhow, I decided to try and finish off
the remaining hearts, this morning.

Unfortunately, I only made it to 30
but on the positive (and also unfortunate side),
some have dropped out of the swap.

We "were" 46 and now we're down to 40.

These 2 are almost identical 'cept
I ran out of the small polka dot print,
so I reversed the colors.

Now, around 11 a.m. this morning,
I figured I'd try out a rather complicated one.

A LOT of teeny weeny bits of paper, to remove afterwards....

And the results weren't quite as spectacular
as I had hoped.

So, at this point, I made a decision.
I didn't want this one.
Now, if you're one of the unfortunate ones that gets this one
and you don't care for it, either....

PLEASE send me an email
and I'll gladly make you a better one, okay????

I obviously only made one of these...
too much work, for the results, IMHO. *s*

Then, I made ANOTHER decision.

Remember how I'm trying to make them ALL different?

Well, at this point, I have sooo many other
projects on the go, or that need to be started,
that I changed my mind.

Did 4 of these "simple" ones.

Anyhow, it's now 6h35 p.m and I've had a GREAT DAY -
sore tummy and all!!!

I was able to sew, almost un-interrupted - ALL DAY!!!

Hope you all had a great day, too!


These Boots Were Made for Walking!

Hi there!

Yesterday, Gilbert and I headed out to do our
Saturday Morning Errands.

We left here around 9h30 a.m. and arrived back home at 3h30 p.m.

And to make matters worst, I had a tummy ache -
no doubt the same virus that my family got,
over the holidays.

Anyhow, on the list of things "To Do",
was to pick up a pair of boots, for me.

As I don't like shopping for clothes,
I figured that it would be best to buy an
expensive pair, and it would last me forever, right?


So, we headed out to "Green Lee Shoes Ltd.", a shoe boutique.
In 1982 (circa), I had picked up a pair of Cougar's hiking/winter boots,
from Green Lee's.

Now, mind you, these boots weren't worn during the summer,
and I only wore them when the snow was deep,
but I still have those boots, would you believe?!?

I remember at the time, that they were fairly pricey,
but I certainly got my money out of them, right?


Anyhow, Gilbert was sitting there, as patient as a man can be,
while his wife is trying on boots...
he whips out his cell phone and took a couple pics, of me.

Then, once I noticed what he was doing, he says,
"I suppose you'll upload these pics to your blog, eh?"

"Of COURSE!!!", I replied.


Here's a pic of me, trying on the darker pair.
Didn't get these ones, as they only had THAT size,
and they were a bit "floppy".

So, I got these ones. They were 109 bucks,
but I hope they last for quite a few winters.

And.... they're a bit tight, but the salesgirl assured me
that they would stretch.

I was to wear them around the house, first.
Should I change my mind, BEFORE I wore them outside,
I could return them....
or bring them in, to get "stretched".

Anyhow, around 4h30 pm, yesterday.... I started getting the chills,
along with my tummy ache.
Went to bed for a couple hours and slept.
I felt a bit better, afterwards, when I got up.
Laced up my boots and wore them around the house,
till about 8h30 pm.

Not too bad.... *grin*

Also, I wanted to share with you my web page
on all the "quilty" stuff that I've finished, for 2008.

Rosa's (finished) Quilt Page

Just go to the LEFT side, of my web page, and you can scroll down to 2008.
Mind you, if you have the time,
you're more than welcome to view my other creations, too!

It's now Sunday morning, and after I've uploaded this blog,
I'm heading downstairs for some major sewing....

Need to make some more "hearts",
for the "Heart 2 Heart" swap.
We're down to 40 signees....
instead of the original 46.

Have a great sewing day!

*with her winter boots on, for the day*

Thursday, January 1, 2009

UFO - Gettin' 'er done!

Hi there!

Okay, I've been busy working on this UFO (Un-Finished Object)....

Okay, here is a link, with respect to this quilt pattern,
that I found on the net...

Chat forum

Anyhow, the original pattern was taken from HGTV (on the net)
and they called it "Strolling the Block".

Unfortunately, they've either removed that link or moved it
and the best that I could find, was this:

Strolling the Block

And YES, Elly, I did do the month of August....

Here's the picture proof, and although the block
looks crooked, it isn't.... Quilt is hanging up "crooked"
on my design wall.


At this point, I have top and bottom's frames sewn on....

Side frames are sewn up - they just need to be sewn onto the center piece.

If you "click" on my pictures, you'll see it, in a bigger format.

Can't WAIT to finish this quilt,
as I have several "issues" with it....

"Finished is Better than Done"
as goes the Dear Jane motto.


2008 becomes 2009

Hi there!

I just wanted to thank everyone for your lovely comments and emails...

And for taking the time to read my blog, in your busy schedule....


Once again.................

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!