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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas in January - YAAAAH!!!

Hi there!

My friend, Elaine, told me that she had
mailed me a "little" something, on the 17th of December,
from California - PRIORITY POST.

Well, I finally received it, today - the 6th of January!

If this is a "little" something, I'd hate to see your
"big" something!


I thought I'd share you what gifties that
Elaine had in her package, for me.

A beautiful Angel - she already has "her" spot,
in my sewing studio! *grin*

OH MY GOD! I think my knees buckled,
when I saw this gorgeous wooden box,
with all this yummy tea.....

All NEW flavours - what an adventure, I will have!!!


And HEY!!! when I will have drunk all this tea,
what a LOVELY box, for sewing supplies, eh?!??


Now, at this point, I think Elaine was trying to tell me something!

Actually, this is a "Chocolate Moose" cookie mix,
along with a "moose" cookie cutter....


Two cute little ornaments.....
in fact, I think one of them is a "moose".... LOL

Now, this gorgeous Christmas bag,
clinched it, for me...

An adorable "moose"!!!

From the bottom of my heart, Elaine....
I want to thank you, for warming my heart, today....



Suze said...

Oh, how fun is that. Such lovely things you received. Enjoy.

Brigitte said...

lucky Rosa, what a fabulous package you got - I love this little angles, actually got 2 from my friend - they are so cute
hugs - Brigitte