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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Spidron - A New Adventure!!!

Hi there!

Well, last spring I finally joined a quilting guild-
The Marco Polo Quilting Guild....
Mind you, it sure helps that they meet once a month,
about 3 blocks away. *grin*

Anyhow.... and silly me.... I have a knack of
biting more than I can chew, or
jumping both feet FIRST and then,
asking questions....

Soooooo, our guild booked us for an "on-line" quilting course.

Have any of you ever done that, before?
No? Well, neither have I! LOL

Gilbert asked if it would be done in video format.
I replied, "Hell, I don't know!!!"


Well, this evening, I was to pull out 2 light colors - 1 lighter than the other, and
2 dark colors - 1 lighter than the other.

Now, here's the tricky part... all 4 colors had to be 2/3 of a yard EACH!

I think I've been doing too many Dear Jane blocks....
Most of my fabrics are either 1/4 yard or fat quarters -
or even less, sometimes! *grin*

I had been procrastinating till tonight,
I HAD to find fabric, in my stash!

After all, tomorrow is supposed to be our first lesson!

After pulling out almost ALL my totes - fabric scattered ALL over - mayhem reigned!
And almost 1 hours later, here's what I selected....

Ivory, peach, taupe and what I call my "snake skin" fabric (far right).

Have any of you ever used the wrong side of a fabric?

Well, I've been tempted before, but tonight,
desperate measures had to be taken.

I'll be using the wrong side of my "snake skin" fabric.

Will keep you guys and gals posted on how my
"on-line" courses are coming!



ranette said...

Hi Rosa, I've used the wrong side of fabric many times and with great results. Go for it!

Suze said...

That looks like fun.... I like your color choices.

Who determines which side is the right side? The side you are using is the right side for you.