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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Evening

Hi there!

I honestly don't know where the day went, today,
but it's now 10h15 pm and it feels like I didn't do a THING, today!!!


I did manage to make 2 fabric postcards.
They're now stamped and addressed and
should be out in the mailbox, tomorrow.

I went out, this afternoon and mailed my
"Heart 2 Heart" swap blocks...
and another postcard that I worked on, this week.

Anyhow, while at the store, I started looking at
those packages of valentines.... you know?
The stuff that Mom's buy, for their kids, in school?

Well, I surprised myself and picked up a box of these!

Now, bear in mind that my youngest SON is now 19 years old
and I haven't bought Valentine cards in AGES....
much less with BARBIES!!!

Well, I just HAD to get them -
don't ask me what I'll be doing with them....
but they're now in MY possession! LOL

Anyhow, as I was walking to the car,
I was giggling to myself....


I'll be 50 years "young", next month
and I think I'm REALLY trying to turn the clock backwards!


Well, I still have tomorrow to catch up on this week's Dear Jane BOW
(Block Of the Week) and to finish off another
Dear Hannah block.

Wish me luck!


1 comment:

Suze said...

Wishing you luck........

I looked at my Dear Jane block just yesterday.... I really need to get going on it.

I will enjoy watching yours grow.