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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vacation's End...

Hi There!

Today, I managed to finish another "Pillow Case Dress".

This one is for my cousin's little girl.

I decided to use my sewing machine
to add a decorative stitch, on the hem.

When I arrived at Frummie's home, in Florida, the first evening, there were gifties in my room!

I thought I'd share a few pics, during the upcoming blogs...

Cyn sent this GORGEOUS wall hanging!

Her embroidery stitches are PERFECT!

This is now hanging in "Bertha's" room!

She also made this beautiful tatted book marker!

Cyn... this is too beautiful to use.

For now, it's on my design wall
but I PROMISE to find a nice home,
for it... ASAP.

Tomorrow I go back to work....
My vacation has ended,

Have a Super Sunday!


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Countdown to Summer !!!!

Hi There!

I did a few modifications to my blog heading
and asked Gilbert when was the official
date that spring would be here.

He said the 21st of March,
which in MY opinion is

We still have TONS
of snow on the ground!

I went to "TickerFactory.Com"
and made a new header
for my blog....

Summer will be here
the 21st of June, 2011 !!!!

I'm hoping I can hang in there,
till then!

Hope you're all having
a Scintillating Saturday!


Friday, February 25, 2011

Rainbow Flowers in the Midst of a Winter Storm!

Hi There!

My goodness! It's been so long since I've blogged that even "Blogger" forgot who I was! I had to sign back in !!!


Well, I arrived from Florida, yesterday afternoon.... and as much as I tried, it didn't work.

*insert sad face*

I tried to somehow capture my friends and the sunshine and the palm trees.... and bring them all back with me.

As of 10h30 this morning, it was VERY obvious that the sun hadn't followed me home!


We're in the midst of yet ANOTHER snow storm....

Anyone want some of this?!?!?

If you pay for the shipping, I'll gladly pack it up and send you as MUCH as you want!


If some of you have been following
My Vacation Journal -
which I'm trying to update, ASAP, BTW...
you might have read that I've been working on some "Rainbow Flowers", by Inklingo.

Here's a picture of where I'm at, with my flowers.

I still need to sew the lower left hand flower onto the rest of them and finish off my last flower and then..... I might be adding more of what I call "acorns" around my flowers... to make it more of a circle....

But then again, would it look like a "flower" if it was almost a "circle".


We'll cross that bridge when we get to 'er.


Have a Flippin' Fabulous Friday!!!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Rosa, You're Not in Canada Anymore!

Hi There!

As in the movie,
the Wizard of Oz,
I can modify one
of their famous lines, to:
"Rosa, You're Not in Canada Anymore"


This is what I saw, when I first opened
my eyes, the very first morning!

Lush greenery and a PALM TREE!!!

Here's me, bonding with
Frummie's neighbour's tree!

And, one afternoon, we stopped at the beach.

Isn't this paradise?!?!?!??!

I've been writing my
"Vacation Journal"
and emailing my text
and pictures to Gilbert,
at home.

He's been doing an EXCELLENT job
at uploading the info to my web page!


If you want to read more,
please go visit my journal.

*still in Florida*

Monday, February 14, 2011


Hi There!

Followed a couple people's advice
my luggage, this morning.

I had to pull everything
out and reduce, reduce, reduce!

Finally ready to leave in a couple hours!!!

Yep! I'll be "cool"
with my
"Framboise" luggage.

C ya all later!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

One of Two More Sleepies

Hi There!

I wish someone could wave their magic wand and pack my "stuff" for me!

To the left, you see my carry on. It's fairly full and I have my important "stuff", such as money, passport, tickets, directions and phone numbers and then, I also have books to read and hand sewing projects. No problem with THAT one.

In the forefront, you have my "check on". I have my clothes in there and wool, to share with Frummie and Elaine. As you can see, it's quite round and FULL!!!

Last evening, I decided to bring our old vinyl suitcase, to put extra "stuff" in there and ESPECIALLY to bring back "stuff". Well, as you can tell, it's almost flat and there's barely anything in there!

Sooooo, Gilbert says, "Have you tried putting in the medium one (that's the one in the foreground), into the vinyl one?"

Well, we did and it fit!

But now I don't have the cool pink (AKA Framboise) duo to pull along.

I now have my carry on to pull as well as this VERY HEAVY suitcase. Yes, it has 4 wheels underneath it, but it's really not "cool".


And this afternoon, 'cause I needed something to calm my nerves and make the clock go by quicker, I decided to do some embroidery!

One more "sleepie" here....

One "sleepie in Bangor...

And then, I'll be in


Hope you're all having a
Supercalifragilistiexpiallidocious Sunday!

NOTE (as per Wikipedia):

The roots of the word have been defined[3] as follows: super- "above", cali- "beauty", fragilistic- "delicate", expiali- "to atone", and docious- "educable", with the sum of these parts signifying roughly "Atoning for educability through delicate beauty."

(in Canada, but not for long...)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lucy the Lobster!!!

Hi There!

This morning, Gilbert and I had some errands to run.

It's Saturday morning - of COURSE we have errands to run!


One of the stores that we went to, had a LOT of these ice cycles hanging from their roof. I was ALWAYS told that you never, EVER buy a house that has ice cycles hanging off it's roof - it's a sign that the indoor heat is escaping. In other words, the house is not well insulated.

But it kinda looks pretty... don't it?!??

After errands, this afternoon, I took a bit of time and finished off my pincushion. Let me introduce to you...

"Lucy the Lobster" !!!!
(round of applause, please)

She needs some eyes and a mouth.

Not sure yet if I should try and sell the pattern on Etsy. In fact, it almost sounds like too much trouble, for me.... pattern probably won't make it there.


Two more days, till I take that bus to Bangor!!!

Preparations are well under way and everything, so far, is under control.

For more details, please visit my "Vacation Journal".
(I'll be updating my Journal just as soon as I post this blog. Give me 5 or 10 minutes.)

Have a Symbolic Saturday!


Friday, February 11, 2011

3 Day Countdown!!!

Hi There!

Got to finish work a wee bit early....

Rushed home with 2 Tim Horton coffees, tidied up my sewing studio and worked a bit on "Lucy the Lobster".

Sorry, no pics to share, this evening.

Tomorrow, I will DEFINITELY start to seriously pack. Depending on the weather, there's always that possibility that I might have to take the bus on Sunday, instead of Saturday.

Three days left...

3A Quilting.

Have a Frivolous Friday!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Beauty's Coming Out...

Hi There!

Tuesday, after work, Mom called us up and asked us to go pick up a dog bed for their dog, "Bandit".

I had never heard of these, before.

Today, they dropped by for Bandit's bed.

As you can tell, he's like a King on his throne!

A few weeks ago, I won another blog contest with Prairie Moon Quilts!!!

I just loved this pattern, when she first showed it to us, on her blog.

But I was BLOWN AWAY, when I received it in yesterday's mail, and started looking over the pattern and instructions!!!


As my oldest son would say....



My parents came BACK to our house, after they picked up Bandit's bed!

My Mom (quietly) slipped my birthday card in our mail box.

I was very touched with their card...


This is inside the card.

On the left hand side of the card....

And, on the right hand side...

I had trouble reading it to the end....
my eyes were full of tears.

And, of course, on the back of the card?

Gosh, these people are great at creating cards!

And now, let me introduce to you,

(It was previously The Beast, but I tamed it!)

The handles are on, it's been in the wash and is now in the dryer.

Beauty will be coming with me to Florida!

Four buttons on my desktop.
Four days till I leave for Florida!!!

Have a Titillating Thursday!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What Is It?

Hi There!

Well, I'm pretty tired, this evening...

We got a client's quilt
that needed to have some ripping done.

Gilbert and I worked on it, all evening.

But I think a good night's sleep
will surely help.


What is this?

Well, these are some of the threads
that Gilbert swept,
after we were finished.

Here's the baby quilt.
I just have to find the
time to do the binding.

Gilbert took a couple close-up shots.

Here's the top of the quilt.

And this is the backing.

The "yellow" is a lot brighter
than it appears in the photo.

Well, it's really difficult
to believe that there's only
FIVE days left!

Have yourself a
Wacky Wednesday!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Getting a Handle on the Beast...

Hi There!

I FINALLY found the time
to work on my tote,
better known as
"The Beast"!

Here you can see that I've
added a couple pockets!

And here's the outside of the tote,
without the straps....

or the "handles".

I truly need to get a "handle" on this!


Once again, storm #11 really wasn't a "storm" in my books. Yes, it snowed all day but the darn thing didn't stay on the ground.... it melted. Thank God!!!

And YEP, we're now at Day Six....

Six more days till I leave for Florida!!!

Hope you're having a
Momentous Monday!


Monday, February 7, 2011

Another Baby Step...

Hi There!

While in Florida, I plan on taking LOTS of pictures! And, I certainly don't want to forget what I did, every single day....

Sooooo, once again, I will be writing my

Vacation Journal

I probably won't get much time to blog, but will try and concentrate more on my "Journal".

Sooooo, this is another important "Baby Step", for me.

Seven days before Florida....

SEVEN of Nine...


Seven Caboches = Seven Days

Hi There!

We're supposed to get yet ANOTHER storm.

5 to 10 centimeters,
which translated, in what I call "normal language", is only 2 to 4 inches.

What tha HEY!!!


Anyhow, this will be storm #11, according to the weather experts.

Honestly... do I REALLY need to lift up my mitten?!??


Gilbert and I managed to make a few of these, before Christmas and mail them off.

The mail FINALLY delivered it to the last person, today.

Gilbert quilted a pantogram, called "Stars 'n Loops".

Soooo, we're now down to SEVEN days, before I leave for Florida!!!

These are what Gilbert makes.

He has nicknamed them "Caboches".

And YES, they're as delicious as they look!

And YES, there are SEVEN "caboches"!


Hope you're having a
Mellowy Monday!


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Running Around...

Hi There!

Well, we were SUPPOSED to get a bad snow storm with rain - storm #10, during the night.

This morning, when I looked out the window, it appeared as if we only got 5 or 6 inches of snow and that a LOT of rain had fallen, afterwards. There was a LOT of slush on the roads.

Not much of a major storm, IMHO.

And HEY!!!!

By tomorrow, I'll be able to say,
"I'm leaving for Florida, next week."


I'll probably start running around,
next weekend, well.....

Gilbert and I found and prepared the perfect back for my American Jane Baby quilt. He should be able to long arm it, on Tuesday!

I showed Gilbert how to read the instructions on cutting these BOMs (Block Of the Month) - and he (expertly) cut out my last 2 BOMs.

Thank you, Gilbert!!!

I was then, able to finish off the last BOM from LAST year....

And, finish off THIS year's (last) BOM!!!

I'm hoping to start piecing these together once I'm back from Florida.... if my feet ever touch the ground!


And, later on this afternoon, Gilbert made a big batch of home made veggie soup!

Then, we dug out my old recipe on
"Pudding Chomeur"
and he made this!

Pudding Chomeur was a dessert that was created in the 1930's,
in the province of Quebec.

Translated, it means
"Unemployment Pudding".

(NOTE: We added a splash of dark rhum to the sauce and it was DELISH!!!)

It's a white cake - no eggs - and has a brown sugar sauce, underneath it.

Finally, I took 2 of my jelly rolls and came up with today's number.

EIGHT more days till I take off!!!

Hope you're having a
Sewing Sunday!!!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

2nd Blog Post, For Today!

Hi There!

Another blog post...
"Has she gone mad?", you ask.

Well, yes, I guess I am, sometimes...

After we came home from errands, I blogged and relaxed and then, went downstairs in my sewing studio and finished off January's BOM.

No, I didn't get to do February's, as I had promised.

In the meantime, we had a happy moment that quickly turned into a scary moment.

Let me explain.

We've been in this house for 10 years and never, EVER, has the city sent their work crew to do any snow removal! Yes, they've plowed our streets after a storm but snow removal? NEVER!

So, when we saw the big trucks and their machinery arrived to remove snow, we were ECSTATIC!!! I even ran and got my camera!!!!

And then, it dawned on us!

They're predicting another 8 inches from Saturday night to Sunday... and then, yet ANOTHER 8 inches on Tuesday!!! The city MUST be panicking to send out their snow crew BEFORE!


Can someone send a message to the Big Guy, up there .... *pointing upwards* and tell Him that we've had enough?!?!


So, here's that baby quilt, from Thursday evening.


Well, I sewed up the 3 pieces and with Gilbert's help and according to the pattern, we did TWO cuts into the quilt, resewed it according to the instructions.

Gilbert took a picture of me,
trying to finish the top off, ASAP.

And here's the quilt top, resewn together and with a narrow blue strip. I've since added a wider border onto that narrow blue one.

I'll share another picture after Gilbert and Bertha have done their magic on this one.


And for my 2 friends' sake and to prove that I did some more baby steps, here's 2 pictures of my bus ticket!

I wasn't too, too sure... but when I saw "adult" on the ticket, I thought to myself, "Yep, that's me! And as an Adult, I can do this!!!"


And, since there's only NINE days till I leave, I've included another NINE number.

This one doesn't ring a bell?

Actually, this is one of the characters in Star Trek...

"Seven of NINE".

I used to watch Star Trek... a LOT!


Have a SUPER Saturday!!!