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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Getting a Handle on the Beast...

Hi There!

I FINALLY found the time
to work on my tote,
better known as
"The Beast"!

Here you can see that I've
added a couple pockets!

And here's the outside of the tote,
without the straps....

or the "handles".

I truly need to get a "handle" on this!


Once again, storm #11 really wasn't a "storm" in my books. Yes, it snowed all day but the darn thing didn't stay on the ground.... it melted. Thank God!!!

And YEP, we're now at Day Six....

Six more days till I leave for Florida!!!

Hope you're having a
Momentous Monday!



Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

Wow Rosa...the "beast" is looking really nice. Gilbert did a great job on the quilting!

Can't wait to see it in Florida are bringing it aren't you?

On the home stretch,eh?



Barb said...

I love your beast...looks great!!

Susan In Texas said...

Your tote is looking lovely. Are you planning to finish it so you can take it with you to Florida... next WEEK! You should, it looks terrific - you'll have to rename it. 8)

Happy quilting,
Susan in Texas