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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tonight's Baby Steps...

Hi There!

This evening, Gilbert and I started this quilt. I selected and ironed the fabric and Gilbert cut the blocks for me.


I only need to sew the 3 sections together and then, Gilbert and I will follow the pattern instructions, do a bit of magic and ... Well.... Wait until you see what a GORGEOUS quilt this will become!

Right now, it's just ho-hum.

(NOTE: these are the American Jane fabrics that Elaine sent to me, last year... I just LOVE these fabrics!!!!)

Baby steps?

Well, I went and got my hair cut, this evening. It was part of my "Baby Steps", for my trip to Florida....

Didn't wanna go visiting, looking like a ragga-muffin!

I've packed the rest of my hexagons, for my hexagon / star quilt / tumbling blocks, selected a couple of books to read and found my favorite ear phones - they're pink marshmellow ones... in case I wanna listen to music.

Here's the countdown blog pic of the day:

In case you can't see this very well,
it's minus ELEVEN.....

The countdown continues...

ELEVEN more days till
I take OFF from
this (brrrrrrrr) country!

Have a Thunderin' Thursday!



Frummie said...

love the quilt

Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

Quilt looks good now...wondering what you are going to do with it once it's all together??

11 days for me tomorrow!

Can't wait!!!!!!!!


Elaine...pretty soon I can give you a HUG "in person"!!!