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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Morning Errands

Hi There!

This morning, I got up early and started working on my BOM (Block Of the Month), from our local Quilt Shop.

"When was it due?", you ask.

"Hmmmm... aaaaah.... today."


Anyhow, I only managed to do the center and will DEFINITELY work on it, this afternoon. (It needs one more border, around it.)

Soooo, since this is Saturday, we do our Saturday Morning Errands.

Guess where we went, first thing?!?!?!?

I went and bought my bus ticket, to Bangor!!!!

Would you believe that I'm coming BACK to my city on the 24th, by bus, and the guy at the bus terminal tells me that they will no longer be going to the USA, after the 27th. That's IT! No more. NADA!

He says that they had no passengers and sometimes, they were lucky if they had ONE person on the bus.

And, who knows, eh???
Going back and forth, I might have the whole bus to myself!!!!

Anyhow, I think I was REAL lucky that my trip wasn't planned for March, let's say...

Since I need to catch the airplane in Bangor, early the next morning, I honestly don't know what I would have done, had my trip been planned for later.

I'll be going on one of these buses....

From there, we went uptown, to our Provincial Building and I got my picture taken, for my license. It was expiring on the 12th of February and I didn't want to wait till next weekend.

Who knows? With our run of weather, it could be a stormy day, once again!

Then, we headed out to Quispamsis - just outside of our city. I picked up the very last BOM. I'm hoping to finish off the remaining border on January's BOM and do this one.... this afternoon.

This is our last BOM....
un-assembled, obviously.

While at our fabric store, Gilbert picked up a bottle of 505. For my own personal quilts, he sometimes joins our leftover pieces of batting, and by the time he's finished with long arm quilting it.... they ain't goin' anywhere! He was previously hand-basting them together, till I told him about this product. I have never tried it before, but some people swear by it.

Also, last week, he complained about how one quilt backing's creased just COULD NOT be ironed out! I told him that I had heard about a (magic) product that worked.

So, we inquired and apparently this spray is EXCELLENT.

Once again, it remains to be seen, but he will certainly be putting it to the test!

From there, we went to a bakery store, in Quispamsis and picked up a French Baquette, to make French onion soup and a few other items. (Sorry, forgot to take a picture.)

From there, Kent Building Supplies. They had windshield washer fluid on sale. We picked up 4 jugs. (Once again, no picture.)

Then, groceries.... still in Quispamsis. After groceries, we headed back to the West Side and decided to have dinner - that's our noon meal - at Bobbie's Corner Restaurant.
(picture taken in the summer.)

And after our meal, we picked up a couple of "Timmies" and went home.

So, as boring as it might sound, we had a pretty good time. NO line-ups for my license - THAT was almost a miracle! And, HEY! it's a beautiful, sunny, winter day here!

But, apparently, it's the calm before the storm. Storm #10 is supposed to hit tomorrow, unfortunately.

And HEY! What d'ya know!

I'm already out of the "teens" and into the single digits!!!

(picture taken from our micro-wave)

Hope you're all having a SMASHING Saturday!!!



Susan In Texas said...

The time has just been flying. You'll be in Florida in no time at all.

Happy stitching,
Susan in Texas

PS That Best Press stuff is da bomb!

Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

Mary Ellen's "Best Press" is super...also her "I Hate To Iron" spray works fantastic on bad wrinkles.

I brought a bottle of "Best Press" all the way home from Lancaster, PA! Couldn't get it in my area and now its all over the the place. Love it!

The "I Hate To Iron" spray I learned about thru Jo Morton at one of her classes last year down at 'Road to California"

Glad to hear that you got your bus ticket...we're almost there ROSA!!!