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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

9 Weeks of Storms!!!

Hi There!

We'd had yet ANOTHER storm, today!

The media people say its our weekly storm - 9 weeks in a row, now!

Once again, I got a couple hours off, from work, to get home and YES, the roads were slippery and treacherous!!!

Anyhow, let me explain these next 3 pictures....

While I was on the phone with a good friend, this evening, P'Tit Noir (our male tom cat) wanted to go out.

NOTHING STOPS HIM - He wants OUT, you'd best not try and argue with him!

So, while I'm on the phone, I open up the door and he slips out!

Here's what our upstairs door entrance looked like.

P'Tit Noir hesitated briefly and took off, in the night!

So, I closed the door and looked what came in!

A dust pan isn't just for "dust", don't you know!


During my "snow afternoon", I managed to finish the machine sewn binding, on our "Magic Tiles Sampler".

This quilt will obviously always remain in our Studio.... it shows 5 of Gilbert's long arm stitches.

Since Gilbert wanted to display what he and Bertha could do, he made up a few of these, as well... to hung up in the studio.

I managed to do their bindings, by sewing machine, this afternoon.

This one is called "Fantasia".

Not sure about the name of this one, but as you can see, it would be GORGEOUS on a Christmas or Nature quilt, eh?!?

And this one is my all-time favorite -
"Stars 'n Loops".

He's done this one so many times now, that he's even able to do it free-hand!

Some of you asked about my thread cutter.

A good friend sent me this "kit" and no, I will NOT take it with me to Florida.... just in case the mean person at the airport decides to keep them. *s*

And in amongst our cold, snowy, windy, day, I got another crappy (junk) email about a cruise ship vacation.

So, before deleting this crappy (junk) email, I cropped a portion of it....


Gilbert had this poster,
that he pinned up, in our stair well.
(Look at the date at the bottom of the poster.)

12 more days!!!!

With an afternoon like today, with approx. 14 inches of snow fall, I am DEFINITELY READY for Florida!!!

Hope you're all having a
WARM Wednesday!!!



Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

LOVE the "Fantasia" quilting! Gorgeous!

That's a lot of snow outside your door... I can't even comprehend how much that is!

And your airplane on your tracker is getting so close to "take off" cool!

Hope you had a great "snow day"



Frummie said...


I know I was shouting, but I am really getting excited now.

LOVE Gilbert's quilting!!!!


tich said...

LOVE the quilting and the quilt. 14" - good grief!!