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Sunday, September 30, 2012

More Treasures From Calais

While in Calais yesterday, I picked up some (mostly) red and white striped fabrics to make a "Peppermint Twist" quilt... Design's in my head, at the moment.

If it turns out cute, I'm hoping it will be one of the quilts that I'll use as a "demo" for January's "Kitchen Class".


Calais Treasures

Hi there!

I had purchased some fat quarters from my friend, Elaine, and had them shipped to a mail holding place, in Calais.

Elaine did not dissapoint me with her fabrics. They're GORGEOUS!!!

Thanks Elaine!

And, once again, I must thank Elaine... For telling about these cute and TINY twister rulers.

Yesterday, I took the time to visit the vendors at the quilt show and POUNCED on this pattern!

Ten bucks AND the tiny 2-1/2 inch ruler came with it!!!

Yup! The finished block measures only ONE INCH!!!

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday as much as I !!!


Saturday, September 29, 2012

To Calais We Will Go!

 Hi There!

We headed off early, this morning, to Calais, Maine!

We wanted to do some shopping and to see the "St. Croix International Quilters 2012 Quilt Show"!

What a rainy day!

On the way there, I noticed that the trees are starting to change colors.

 We went to Mardens and spent a good hour there....
and spent some money, too!


One of the customers, while waiting for our turn at the cash,
told us about this fairly new restaurant with GREAT food.

Yancy's Restaurant
332 North Street
Calais, Maine
(on the same side as "Family Dollarz" and almost right beside it)

We went.
We ate.
We left happy.

From there, we went to the Quilt show.

I spotted this Orca Bay Mystery Quilt,
within 2 minutes!!!

This was their "Back to Nature Raffle Quilt"
In case you're curious,
the answer is "No."

The draw was yesterday and
"No", we didn't win it.

I still don't care for quilt shows
that drap their quilts on church benches.

And YES, I can understand that
it's probably less work and hassle
if you have to hang them up....
But I still prefer "hung" quilts.

This heart and sheep quilt touched my heart!

Close-up of the sheep block.

Close-up of the heart block.

And yet ANOTHER close-up of the sheep block.

And a much better picture of the quilt...

That's about it!

Had a grand time,
in Calais!


Friday, September 28, 2012

Twisted Sisters

Photo shoot - I finally put the label on this table runner, took a few pictures and I can finally call this one done!

*wiping my hands*

Next one?



Thursday, September 27, 2012

Is That the Door I Hear?

 Hi There!

One last day,
at work.

This door opening is rather
frightful yet exciting...


And, on another note....

I gave Zelda, our 10 month old German Shepherd, her first piece of (real) beef.... during my lunch, today.

It was 2 slices of sliced beef - 
the kind you put in sandwiches.

She LOVED it!!!
In fact, I had to tell her to GENTLY 
take it from my hand!

Here she is with her nose covered, while sleeping,
while letting out the WORST 
SBD farts!!!

*gagging over here*

Guess it'll be the first and LAST time
I share my beef slices with her!


*off to bed*

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Only 2 More Days Left...

Hi There!

Well, as you can tell by my banner at the top of my blog, 
I only have 2 more days left.

Since all our office furniture and equipment
has either been sold, given away
to Habitat for Humanity or thrown out....

This is basically what's left in my office.

A telephone.
A chair.
A notepad and pen.

Sad, really.
But a new chapiter
is opening in my life.

And, like any good book,
I can't wait to turn the page
and see what this "new" chapiter's all about!

Will keep you all posted!
(How's THAT for a cliff hanger, eh?!?)


Monday, September 24, 2012

Busy Late Afternoon!

Gilbert and I made 7 nine inch Vegetable Tourtière pies and 2 four inch pies.

And while Gilbert was cutting up the veggies, I made a 9 bean soup. Got the jar of dried beans from Costco and Gilbert and I love it!

Yup! Busy afternoon!


Cream Lace

Had a bit of time off, this afternoon and I unpacked a couple boxes and washed my china...

Cream Lace

LOVE that china!!!

And no... We don't just use it for extra special occasions. We have a special meal... Maybe once a month.

Hope you get a chance to eat off your fine china... Once a month.



Sunday, September 23, 2012

From Sussex and I Know it!

Hi There!

Gilbert and I went to Sussex, yesterday.  There was a quilt show and since we had never been to the Sussex Quilt show and it's only 'bout 1 hours drive away.... 
to Sussex we went!

Sussex is a quaint little farming village/town - cows are their "thing".   

This past year, 2 teenagers decided to 
make up a video for a school project.  
Their video went viral on the net!

Nathalie Hartford writes about 
Sussex with her blog, "Life Out Loud".

Soooo, back to the quilt show.  
I just LOVED it!!!

Here are some pics:

I just LOVE looking at each guild's quilt.... 

This free BOM (Block Of the Month) -
A Tisket A Tasket -
came out on the internet about 2 or 3 years ago 
and I'm still impressed 
when I see these at our local quilt shows. *grin*

A GORGEOUS appliqued quilt.... 
with our Canadian Flowers!!!

I just LOVE bright colors -
I get the "WOW" factor, with these!

Every quilt show seems to have their "charms".

The ladies put quilts on the tables... 
YES, there were plastic covers protecting them - 
THANK GOD!!! - but I just LOVED this idea!!!

Hoping to blog more often....


Saturday, September 22, 2012

In Sussex!

Going to the Sussex Quilt Show...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tidying Up Required!

I'm in danger of losing my sewing machine!

Gonna tidy up... Should take me a good 15 fifteen minutes.

Later Gatorette!


Sunday, September 2, 2012

"Stop and...."

Hi There!

I finally have ANOTHER finished quilt to show you!  This one took, from start to finish, 7 to 8 years.  

Yes, it was an official UFO (Un-Finished Object)!!!

I hand embroidered these roses that 
were pre-stamped on a white background.

I then made alternating 9 patch blocks with fabric that my friend Elaine had sent me....  

Fabric by April Cornell - Victorian Decadence. 

Once again, many, MANY thanks Elaine!!!!

Gilbert then quilted a geometric pattern,
on these blocks.

He did a small meandering around the roses...

And here's the beauty of his work...

He used a red/burgundy thread,
to do some stippling
on the rose petals!

As this quilt will be in our local quilt show this month,
I sewed a sleeve on its back, as required.

And, this afternoon, I was able to take
a picture of my finished quilt!

The quilt name?

"Stop and...."

Hope you're able to enjoy your Labour Day Weekend!


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Quick and Easy Quilt

 Hi There!

I've been busy with a new quilt project
 that I'm finally ready to share with you!

I plan on giving classes on this quilt.
No, I didn't invent this technique.

You sew blocks side by side,
Easy, right?

With just 2 cuts, and a few tips...
you flip your pieces around
and you end up with THIS!

On point diamonds and your border triangles
are already in place....

I went and picked up 2 Barenstair Bears charm packages,
 last week, along with some border fabric 
and backing of the same fabric line.

Gilbert and Bertha worked their magic on this cute quilt
and I finished binding it, this afternoon....
on my deck! 

(back of quilt)
(front of finished quilt)

Well, that's about it!

I will be teaching this quilt technique in October.

Stayed tuned, Folks!


Fifty Shades of Cupcakes (or almost)!

Hi There!

What a GORGEOUS pre-Fall day!

Lovely breeze and the sun is shining....  
I've decided to do my laundry today, 
rather than my usual laundry day - Sunday.

This morning, while Gilbert was working 
on painting our new side door frame, 
I decided to go uptown and 
re-visit my (new) favorite store.... 

Once again, I was blown over by their selections!

 What a LOVELY store!

Since Gilbert had never tried these before, 
I selected a package with an assortment
of mini cupcakes.

A heavenly line shone upon our heads and 
there were Angels cavorting on our tongues,
while singing angelic songs, in our heads!

We decided to be reasonable and
put some aside for supper time.... 

Hope your having an incredible weekend -
I sure am!