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Sunday, September 2, 2012

"Stop and...."

Hi There!

I finally have ANOTHER finished quilt to show you!  This one took, from start to finish, 7 to 8 years.  

Yes, it was an official UFO (Un-Finished Object)!!!

I hand embroidered these roses that 
were pre-stamped on a white background.

I then made alternating 9 patch blocks with fabric that my friend Elaine had sent me....  

Fabric by April Cornell - Victorian Decadence. 

Once again, many, MANY thanks Elaine!!!!

Gilbert then quilted a geometric pattern,
on these blocks.

He did a small meandering around the roses...

And here's the beauty of his work...

He used a red/burgundy thread,
to do some stippling
on the rose petals!

As this quilt will be in our local quilt show this month,
I sewed a sleeve on its back, as required.

And, this afternoon, I was able to take
a picture of my finished quilt!

The quilt name?

"Stop and...."

Hope you're able to enjoy your Labour Day Weekend!



Pat from Florida said...

How unique! Love it!

Frummie said...

Rosa, my sweet, it is breath taking!

Please tell Gilbert this is MAGNIFIQUE!



Frummie said...

WOW, I just saw the date...where did August go?