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Monday, January 31, 2011

One Hamilton and Four Washingtons

Hi There!

Yesterday, Gilbert hung up our outdoor Valentine's sign.

For blog privacy purposes, he blacked out our eyes.


This evening, I sent this picture to Frummie....

And this one, as well....

I wanted to know if she thought it would be okay to bring these, with me, on the plane to Florida. She said there shouldn't be a problem.

Anyone else try to bring these on a plane, before? Did you have any problems?

In case you don't know what they are, they're used for cutting thread or wool.

This is my "craft bag" that I might take along with me. This evening, I started packing quilty projects.

I packed this cute little star kit, that I had won through Prairie Moon Quilt Blog contest.

And remember those hexagon stars that I was hand piecing? I haven't given up on them. In fact, I plan on concentrating most of my time on these....
amongst the laughter and friendship, of course!


Now, I might find other projects to bring along but they'll probably stay behind. I'm trying not to overload myself with projects.

And, believe it or not, we're now at Day 14....

One Hamilton and Four Washingtons, eh?


Hope you're having a Mag-NIFF-AH-CENT Monday!!!


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bring It On!!!

Hi There!

Would you believe that we're ALREADY Sunday evening?!?!?

I got up real early and headed downstairs to my sewing studio.

Finished machine sewing the binding on my 4 and 9 patch runners.
(pictures will be shared, when completely finished)
I just need to do the hand sewing part, now.

Gilbert, got up and headed downstairs, too.

He finished quilting our "Magic Tiles" mini quilt.

We're calling it his "sampler".

In the center, he did some medium stippling or meandering.

And, he divided the quilt border in quarters.

Here's what we call the "Le-Le" pattern.

Here's his "Feathered Hearts",
which I DO adore!!!

And, we call this one "Lasso".

And this is a fairly new one...


It's good for a filler, but OH MY GOODNESS, it takes a long time to do!

Then, after machine sewing (one side) of my 2 table runners, I managed to start and finish a Dora purse for my 2 year old niece's birthday. Turns out, at 2 years old, she ADORES Dora and HEY !!! I had, believe it or not, JUST ENOUGH Dora fabric to make her a tote!

She LOVED it and wore it, after it got opened!

And... I made a
"Big Girl Belt", for my niece,
"Princess Sophia".

If I can perfect this one, I'll put up a tutorial... but don't hold your breath. I've got a few things on my plate, right now. *s*

And guess what?

Would you believe we're at 15 days
BEFORE I leave for Florida?!?!?

When did I become a "Wuss"!?!??!?

It musta been at the same time that I became an "adult", and then, a "Mature Person" and then, all of a sudden, people are saying to me, "Yes, Mam" and "No, Mam"

I still feel too young to be called "Mam"!!!

Let me explain....

A good friend sent me an email yesterday. She has been following my blog and was writing to wish me a good time in Florida. I told her that I was "scared stiff"... you know? flying alone, to a place where I had never been, etc, etc, etc.

This is what she wrote ....
(Barb, I hope you don't mind me copying this...)

"... Don't think of being "scared stiff" -- think of it as an adventure. Look at all the new experiences you are going to have."

Where DID my sense of adventure go to?!?!?!?

When did I start thinking like a little old (scared) lady?!?!?

Barb ... thanks for bringing me back to life!

YES! This IS an adventure!!!

I'll have TONS of stories and good stuff to share with others!!!!


Bring It On!!!!

Have a Supreme Sunday!


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Addendum to Today's Post...

Sorry... forgot to add this to today's post...

Callie, our calico cat, has her own video, on You Tube.
She's gotten quite clever, for her "treats".

We tried and tried to teach her Mom, "Minou", but she refuses to try, even!

Callie's video.


Minou, even though she can't do the "treat" trick, has her own talents.

Gilbert uploaded her video to You Tube, as well.

She "bitches" at the birds outside... s'rather comical, even!

Minou's video.

This is best viewed (and listened to) with your speakers on "loud".... you'll be able to hear her swearing or threatening the birds - who knows, eh?!?!? LOL

Hope you enjoy these!


P.S. And in memory of our wonderful, Thunder, here's his You Tube video as well:

Thunder's video.

Our Cats' Window of Entertainment!!!

Hi There!

Today, at dinner time - that's our 12 o'clock meal - I FINALLY saw a bird at our "Bird Bell" and, I had my camera on hand!

Didn't dare get too, too close but I've cropped the picture and this is what our visitor looks like.

Since I'm new to this, I have NO IDEA what kind of bird this is.

Anyone out there know?

I was standing quite a distance from the door, when I took it's picture.

And it was approximately 2 minutes later that I came to the conclusion that the cats now have their own TV.... or perhaps I should be calling it an "Entertainment Unit"... or their "Window of Entertainment"?!?!

Unfortunately, they scare off the birdies. So far, only the few brave ones have nervously stopped, for a bite to eat.
(see Minou and Callie in bottom part of picture)

You can't see it, but their tails are swishing back and forth.


And yet another "FINALLY" moment!!!

I continued working on our "Magic Tiles" mini quilt, today.

Blocks are all done...

Added the black "grout" around the blocks...

Added a 1 inch (finished) mini border of "tiles" and then, added the black border.

Gilbert should be quilting this one, tomorrow.

He plans on using medium to large stippling or meandering in the center, with black thread. Then, change the thread to orange or light blue and do fancier work on the black border.

I'll definitely post pictures of when it's finished.

The finished size is approx. 34" X 34".

Brain Worm of the Day?

Actually, it's been in my head
for the past 2 or 3 days!

Fool On The Hill

As for my countdown to Florida.....

Aawwwwwww Come On!!!!

You MUST have realized that
I'd be doing a
Sweet Sixteen theme,
for my 16th day...


Hope you're having a
SUPER Saturday!!!!


Friday, January 28, 2011

C.R.S. (WARNING - Adult Content)

Hi There!

Well, it's Friday evening and Gilbert and I went and did our Saturday morning errands on a Friday evening - YEAH!!!!!

I's don't gotta go out tamarra!!!!

And since I really don't have any pictures to share with you, this evening, I thought I'd share a bumper sticker that I received via email.

WARNING... if you're easily offended, best back out and not read down below. *s*

And, since I really CAN'T remember you-know-what, that's one of the reasons why I've been listing the countdown, to my trip to Florida!!!

SEVENTEEN DAYS till I leave!!!!

Kinda reflects my attitude with going to Florida...

I've never gone "South" for the winter.
I've never seen a palm tree, in real life.
I can't possibly IMAGINE swimming outside in FEBRUARY!!!

So, who says I'm only semi-old once?



Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Drop-Kicked the "Beast"!

Hi There!

WOW! We just got ANOTHER

(taken from Wikipedia:
"Nor'easters also can cause coastal flooding, coastal erosion, hurricane force winds, and heavy snow. Nor'easters can occur at any time of the year but are mostly known for their presence in the winter season."

So, our office closed shop
a couple hours early.

This afternoon,
I grabbed a picture of Gilbert
working on a client's quilt.

Later this evening,
I took a picture of our
new "Bird Bell".

I've never really been interested
in feeding birds,
but yesterday afternoon,
I saw a few of them
in our neighbour's yard
and, just like the Grinch,
my heart started growing
and I went out and bought this bell.

I imagine I'll be sharing
bird pics, as soon as
they, the "birds",
realize that there's food here.

And in amongst this
Mr. or Mrs. Mailperson,
brought me my latest
"American Patchwork & Quilting"

(Thanks Frummie!!!)

Wow!!! Once again,
a cram-packed, info-full
quilt magazine with
plenty of eye candy, too!

Remember this pattern that
Gilbert and I picked up, this past fall?

"Magic Tiles" pattern?

Well, Gilbert wanted to
put up a small wall hanging...
30 or 36 inch square (approx.),
where he could showcase
his medium or big stippling,
for our clients.

He says, "How about we practice this pattern and make a small wall hanging, for my stippling, before we make a big quilt, with our designated fabric?"

I said, "SURE!"
And he helped me out,
by cutting the fabric and such!

By 7 p.m., we decided to call it an evening....

Almost there....

But before Gilbert and I played with the Magic Tiles, I attacked the "Beast" with a "Drop Kick"!!!

When I was a kid, Dad always used to watch wrestling matches, on TV.

I kinda grew to enjoy it, as well as boxing!

(click on the cartoons to get the full effect)

Anyhow, as I was talking to Frummie on the phone, this afternoon and describing my tote pattern to her, it hit me like a frying pan over my head!
(gosh... I am rather physical tonight, aren't I?!?!? LOL)

I was SUPPOSED to quilt the OUTSIDE of this tote with the batting, only!

And THEN, work on the lining.

I TOLD YOU that I had never done this before!

I've been spoiled with Gilbert and Bertha!

I was hemming and hawing but I had to MACHINE QUILT the bottom and side sections!

Sooooo.... as I mentioned,
I grabbed the "Beast", drop kicked it and

And then, Gilbert came up with the "Hey, let's do the Magic Tile blocks!" and who was I to say, "No, I'm still wrestling with the Beast!"


Tomorrow's another day!

And, for those of you following me,
we're now down to 18 days!

Yep, this is was my empty Tic-Tac container, that I've been putting my old needles and such.

Hope you have a Thundering Great Thursday!!!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beauty and The Beast

Hi There!

Two years ago - already - my friend Elaine and her hubby came to visit me. Elaine brought me a few gifties... one of them being this beautiful tote kit.

It now gives me GREAT pleasure to introduce to you, "Beauty"....
*round of applause*

It's actually a picture of the completed tote -
it came with the kit.

Gilbert did an INCREDIBLE job of quilting the panel, on "Bertha", our Long Arm Gammill.

(picture is of the front and back of my tote)

Here's the side strips, bottom strips, required "pelon" and the navy blue? That's the tote handles... haven't cut them to size, yet.

I didn't realize that these pieces were separate and that they, too, had to be quilted.

I've never, EVER made a tote, before... did I mention that?!?!?

Anywho..... So far, so good.
(trying to think positive thoughts, here.)

Here comes the "Beast" part.

The instructions.
*extra long sigh*

I am having the HARDEST time to wrap my brain around them! Is it just me or do you all have trouble reading patterns!??!?

I can understand the first 2 or 3 lines and then, it all seems to go mumbo jumbo... and then, I'm lost.

I think if I start to work on this tote, early morning.... on one of my weekends, the instructions might be easier to follow. *s*

And here's where I'm gonna ask for your suggestions.

This is the left over quilted fabric. I really and truly HATE to throw it out. The fabric's 100 times prettier than my pictures, BTW.

I've included my rotary cutter in the center, to give you an idea of what I've got left.

Any suggestions as to what I should do with these left over (quilted) pieces?

And, I'm sure you've all been waiting impatiently, wondering what day 19 will bring, eh?

Well, wait no longer!!!!

Be still my heart -
we're now into the "teens"!!!!

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!!!!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The World According to Rosa

Hi There!

Remember that movie called,
"The World According to Garp"?

Well, Gilbert and I had another "meeting" this evening, and he was quite upset because 3 or 4 years ago, he used to work for a "delivery" company.... you know? those people that deliver medications to homes, or important documents to law firms or deliver car parts to garages?

Anyhow, he was upset because he couldn't remember where a certain company was... that he had previously delivered AT LEAST 100 items there - his words, not mine.

I said to him...
"Gilbert, Gilbert, Gilbert... don't you know that the human brain is like a computer, but much more complex? You remember things and eventually, your brain gets full. And if you're expected to remember NEW stuff, then some of the old stuff's gotta be deleted! No choice in the (grey) matter!"

Now, there's SOME things that your brain requires.... like when you learned your basic math, at school. Those kinda things - you're not supposed to forget or delete.

Imagine if you were to REMEMBER each and every little detail, from all your previous jobs, and such?!?!?

Why, your brain would just EXPLODE!!!


And that, ladies and gentlemen,
"The World According to Rosa"

Yes, there's 20 days
left till I leave for Florida.

Just like there's 20 spools of thread
in this picture -
don't bother counting...
there's 20 - trust me!


(you went and counted them,
didn't you?!?!? LOL)

Have a TAH-RIF-FIC Tuesday!!!


Monday, January 24, 2011

The Bad, the Good, and The Lovely

Hi There!

I promise you, this will be the last time I blog about my "Love Is In the Air" quilt... lest you all put me on "IGNORE"!

Anyhow, I had a minor setback yesterday afternoon.

Placed the quilt in its designated spot - The Kitchen Table
and HEY! Guess What?!?!?

Gilbert and I BOTH agreed that it was too big, for our kitchen table.

The Bad
(see picture below)

So, we switched our Valentine's panel with the "Love Is In the Air" quilt and it worked out great!

The Good
(see picture below)

Okay, okay! So, now we see our Anne of Green Gables house, underneath the plastic, but that's as "Good" as it's gonna get!

And "Love Is In the Air" is now hung up, in our Long Arm studio.


And here, ladies and gents....
we have
The Lovely!

I made a special paper pieced label for my
"Love Is In the Air" quilt!

As for this evening,
I'm exhausted and it's only 8h45 p.m.!

D'ya ever feel this way?
Totally exhausted, for no reason at all?

Maybe several days attacked me, eh?

And speaking of "days",
we're already at Day 21!

Even my friend Elaine blogged about it!

(picture is Gilbert's idea and his hands, too!)



Sunday, January 23, 2011

Love Is In the Air!

Hi There!

If you remember, Gilbert and I
created a few outdoor signs.

This one will be hung up next weekend.

It's me and Gilbert and, down below,
is my youngest son James
and "Novac", our previous dog.

FINALLY got a chance
to finish off my hearts quilt.

I just LOVE the soft ivory background -
YEP, looks white in my picture,
but it's ivory.

Will try and take a better picture later.

This will go on our kitchen table
and I've finally named it!

"Love Is In the Air"

Am I the only one
or do you have problems
naming quilts, too?

And we're down to 22 days!

Can you BAH-LEEEVE that?!?!?

Have a GREAT Sunday!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

More Baby Steps...

Hi There!

Well, remember those orphan and crumb blocks that I was working on? The quilt that I "was" going to give to my neighbour's son? Well, after Gilbert and I had an executive meeting, he suggested that we try and sell it. Our very first quilty project, up for sale. I mean, SURE, we've sold stuff to family members but the agreed upon price, for these quilts, only covered the materials. *s*

But hey - it's "family"! What can you do, eh?


Anyhow, the "Brown and Green" quilt is finished. I consider this a "completed" UFO (Un-Finished Object), BTW!

I'll be sewing it's label this evening.

Here's our quilt on KiJiJi.

And here it is on our

3 A Quilting web page
(scroll down)

And... here's a close up of Gilbert's quilting:

And a picture of our quilt,
taken outside, this afternoon.

As for "Baby Steps"....

Well, Gilbert and I shoveled our way out, this morning and headed out to do our "Saturday Morning Errands".

I picked up 2 pieces of luggage, as Gilbert and I only had those old fashioned, vinyle suitcases with no wheels on them. Remember them?

My new luggage color is "Framboise".

(psssst.... don't tell anyone, but in English, it's just plain Raspberry. I just thought it sounded fancier that way! LOL)

They're "London Fog" bags.
Imagine MOI, with London Fog bags!!!

In the bigger bag, I got a FREE "tote". No, the tote doesn't have wheels underneath it, but it's still nice, "Framboise" color and it's a London Fog!


This picture seems to show it's actual color, better.

And while chatting with Elaine on the phone, she explained how I could actually STACK these bags!!! How cool is that, eh?!?!?

23 days left....


I just counted how many Saturdays are left -


I best get a move on...

*counting on my fingers*

I'll need to get my hair cut,
I'll need to get some USA money,
I'll need to pack this and that...
And OH - I CAN'T forget THIS!

Hope your Saturday's as relaxing as mine!