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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas in January!!!

Hi There!

Today, I got a lovely gift from a friend in Scotland. She and her husband also thought of Gilbert and included a Scottish Piper's Apron for him!

Pretty kewl, eh??!?

I got 8 GORGEOUS fat quarter Scottish plaids and some of them even have tiny "Scottish" dogs in the print!

Rosemary even sent me a cute booklet on The Sanday Trail....
Now, I'm all set - I just need to win the lottery!


Gilbert was asked to have his picture taken with his new apron.

That will come - the "Model" said tonight wasn't the night.

I'll surely share a picture of my Gilbert in apron, ASAP.


(isn't that the cutest?!??!)

And, as one of my little side buttons state, on right hand side of my blog, I've taken "The Process Pledge".... meaning, I will try and share pictures and such, of my "Progress in Process".

This evening, I cut out 19(?) beige 6-1/2" blocks and sewed them to my hearts. I even managed to sew 3 strips of 2 rows. Tomorrow evening, it will be a breeze, to sew the strips together.

Now, this table topper, once completely pieced, will be 36" square. I'd kinda like to add a pinkish and/or light greenish 4(?) inch border to this.... Or, should I go with a deep burgundy flowered 3 inch border? Or should I just put a 3 or 4 inch beige border and leave it as such? The hearts are so pretty that I don't think I want fabric that's "too busy" and that will distract from these hearts.

And I don't want the table topper to be too big, either.

What do you think?

Hmmmm.... I think I just answered my question.

A fabric "audition" is required,
I do believe.

And, my mathematical wizzard friend, Elaine,
stated that there was more than 32 days left,
before we leave for Florida...

"S'more like 35 days.", says she.
To which I quickly replied,
"Oh but I'm leaving a day early, to catch the bus!"
To which SHE quickly replied,
"But that STILL wouldn't be 33 days!"

Soooo, in trying to straighten up how many days are left, I've decided to repeat some numbers.... hope none of you are keeping track!

Ya know, I just realized... I'm only 2 days off.

Another day of 33 and I should be back on track!!!

Have a great Wednesday!


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Barb said...

Oh...what fun goodies in the mail.

Your heart quilt is coming along so wonderfully!