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Friday, January 14, 2011

Hi There!

I received the cutest Angel, today,
from my friend, Rosemary!

She wrote on the back of the card,
"Sorry I did not have this made in time for your parcel."

(I had previously received Rosemary's Christmas gift.)

Now.... here's my question....

How in the WORLD did she MAKE such an exquisite Angel?!?!?

As for my Floridian Vacation Countdown,
I truly had a big chuckle when
I saw this one, on the internet!

Not 30 nor 35... but


Have a great Friday!


Well, tomorrow I'm off to take
a quilting course.

Wish me luck!



Susan In Texas said...

Love the angel! I saw one exactly like it referred to as "tatting", but that doesn't look like any tatting I've ever seen. Could it be machine embroidery? That's my guess. It's exquisite!

Happy quilting class,
Susan in Texas

tich said...

Glad you liked the angel. What quilting course? tell all!!

Frummie said...

love the angel.
I think it is machine embroidered. I must look at my Machine embroidery CD's, might just have one like it.

Beautiful Rosemary!