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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beauty and The Beast

Hi There!

Two years ago - already - my friend Elaine and her hubby came to visit me. Elaine brought me a few gifties... one of them being this beautiful tote kit.

It now gives me GREAT pleasure to introduce to you, "Beauty"....
*round of applause*

It's actually a picture of the completed tote -
it came with the kit.

Gilbert did an INCREDIBLE job of quilting the panel, on "Bertha", our Long Arm Gammill.

(picture is of the front and back of my tote)

Here's the side strips, bottom strips, required "pelon" and the navy blue? That's the tote handles... haven't cut them to size, yet.

I didn't realize that these pieces were separate and that they, too, had to be quilted.

I've never, EVER made a tote, before... did I mention that?!?!?

Anywho..... So far, so good.
(trying to think positive thoughts, here.)

Here comes the "Beast" part.

The instructions.
*extra long sigh*

I am having the HARDEST time to wrap my brain around them! Is it just me or do you all have trouble reading patterns!??!?

I can understand the first 2 or 3 lines and then, it all seems to go mumbo jumbo... and then, I'm lost.

I think if I start to work on this tote, early morning.... on one of my weekends, the instructions might be easier to follow. *s*

And here's where I'm gonna ask for your suggestions.

This is the left over quilted fabric. I really and truly HATE to throw it out. The fabric's 100 times prettier than my pictures, BTW.

I've included my rotary cutter in the center, to give you an idea of what I've got left.

Any suggestions as to what I should do with these left over (quilted) pieces?

And, I'm sure you've all been waiting impatiently, wondering what day 19 will bring, eh?

Well, wait no longer!!!!

Be still my heart -
we're now into the "teens"!!!!

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!!!!



Susan In Texas said...

Let's see, you could make a quilted eyeglass case out of the leftovers; there might even be enough for two.

The tote is going to be lovely. Just take the instructions in small doses and do the next right thing.

Good luck,
Susan in Texas

quiltmom said...

Is it big enough to make a cosmetic bag? glasses case? cell phone case? Ipad case?
It looks like a lovely bag_ I never thought about having to quilt it first but that is probably the most sensible thing when I think about itI am sure it is going to be lovely.

Susan said...

I can see that eyeglass case is already mentioned...... Or perhaps a mug rug or a coaster of a book mark or just let them sit for awhile and see if they tell you what they want to be...........

Susan said...

I missed a whole heap of your posts, they got "jammed up" somewhere, maybe the snow?? So just read about the "leftovers".

I too thought of an eyeglass pouch, or a pouch to carry a small note pad and pens/pencils, or a Kindle!!!