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Monday, January 10, 2011

Pizza, Anyone?

Hi There!

I got an email, from a friend of mine, regarding my pizza box.

So, since I really didn't have any quilty pictures to share with you, I took a quick picture of my (clean) pizza boxes.

Whenever Gilbert and I pick up pizza, we try to get "U-Bake".... You usually take home a U-Bake pizza in an aluminium dish, with plastic all over it. I try and give them my winning smile and kindly ask them if they can put it in a box - please.

So far, I've never been refused.

Okay, how that puzzle box got mixed up with the pizza ones, is ANOTHER story!

But, as I look at this picture and realize that it's a "Land of Waldos" puzzle, it kinda fits in amongst the pizza boxes, eh?!??!


So, that's my quilty blog-of-the-day.

As for my Florida countdown -
Are you all keeping track with me?

And NO, don't ask me who he is....
Gilbert and I just don't "do" sports!


Hope your Monday's great....
And your Tuesday's even better!




Frummie said...

It's a Florida Gator, UF, University of Florida. Many family members went there, including my daughters.
Good choice. Would have had to BOO UM, University of Miami...LOL

Frummie said...

BTW....#33 is Eric Murphy, Go Gators

Pat from FL and MI said...

Rosa, when I taught 4th and 5th grades and needed pizza boxes for class projects, all we had to do was go in and ask with a smile. Maybe if you are really nice, they'd just give you some? Then again, maybe it's a write-off to schools.

Susan In Texas said...

Love your storage system. I wish I had thought of that, but then, we always get our pizzas delivered hot.

Happy stitching,
Susan in Texas