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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I (heart) Lobsters!

Hi There!

Gilbert finished my Valentine table topper.

(Oh My God!)
but he did a fantastic job,
if I do say so, myself!

And it's 100 times better in person, too!

He used a pantograph to go around the quilt...

And then, he copied the flowers that surrounded the word "Love" and did them "free-hand".

Amazing, eh?!?!?

Now I just gotta find the time to do the binding!

I've been hemming and hawing on trying my hand at pincushions.

And what better way than to try my hand at lobsters, right?

Well, this is my prototype and as you can see, I really need to get back to the drawing board.

As I type this message, I've done a 2nd one that is a LOT better.

Can't show it yet, as I might dip my toe into the "Etsy" waters and see if I can sell my pattern.

According to my friend, Frummie, she says that pincushions are a hot item, these days and I might either make these and sell them and/or sell the pattern.

And then again, I might not do anything with this.


And looky looky here!

27 days!!!!

Hope you're having a wonderful evening!



Susan In Texas said...

Gilbert's quilting is awesome!

Susan in Texas

Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

Absolutely LOVE the lobster pincushion idea!

And Gilbert's quilting is great!

Very nice work Gilbert and Rosa....