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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Disappearing 4 and 9 Patch Blocks!

Hi There!

I was up at 6h30 and out the door by 8h55 -
I had signed up for a class on
Disappearing 4 and 9 patch blocks.

Since I've never really taken "Brother"
to a quilting class before,
I was ASTONISHED to realize that
I had a COMPLETE table to myself!

Cool, eh?!?!?

After auditioning a few fabrics,
I finally picked out
3 of my favorites
that I hoped would play nicely together.

First, you sew your 9 patch block.

Then, cut the block in the center.
Yep! Right smack in the middle...
horizontal and vertical.

Take the two opposing corners and flip 'em around!

In fact, I spent a good 5 minutes,
playing with the different layouts
of this cut blocks.

But the teacher put me back
on track and said that the blocks
needed to be put THIS way,
for THIS class.

Here, I've sewn up my block.

And here's the table runner top....

Here's Beth's table runner.

And here's Susan's table runner...

And here's Faith's table runner!

Next, we were taught how to do a
Disappearing FOUR patch block!

Sew your 4 patch block.

We were then told to cut
ONE inch from the middle seam....
horizontal, vertical and
left and right.

The next step?
To switch all of the 2 strips of fabrics.

Here's my block...
all sewn!

And, for those of you
waiting impatiently to
see how many days are left?

Hope your Saturday's going as great as mine!



Frummie said...

Love the blocks. I am going to try them out tomorrow. Did you mention how big to cut the fabric.
Love you,

Susan In Texas said...

How funny! My Blanketeers are having a project day this Friday to make disappearing 9 patch baby quilts. I don't think we're planning to use that final setting, but it is lovely (and just perfect for table runners). I had never heard of the disappearing 4 patch - that's really pretty too!

Happy quilting,
Susan in Texas

Cyn ;-) said...

What fun... this is great. Does it work for any size 'squares'?

tich said...

This looks great. Is there an easy way to work out the size of the filler triangles on the table runners? I really like yours.