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Saturday, January 8, 2011

In 35 days?!?!?

Hi There!

Got up early this morning and continued working on my "Brown and Green" crumb quilt. Around 10 a.m., Gilbert and I left to go run some errands. I also picked up this month's BOM (Block Of the Month).

I'll post some more pictures on this quilt, as soon as the center is all pieced.... should be later this afternoon or evening as I'm getting ready to head downstairs and do some more work on it. *s*

And, while on the road I checked my emails. Elaine, my friend, had sent me an email about a quilt magazine and she (kindly) signed off her email with a...

35 days and counting...


Didn't I warn you all that I would be driving you ALL crazy with my trip to Florida?!?!?

And I'm not even THERE, yet!!!


Actually, an acquaintance of mine who happened to be a travel guide once told me that there were 3 parts to a trip, and all were equally as important.

1 - The Planning.
2 - The Trip itself.
3 - The Memories.

Oh... and many thanks to
The Q and The U,
who posted a comment
and suggested that I use a
"Countdown Ticker".

I'll be trying that out,
in a wee bit, Riel!



Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

Getting ready for those "Pig Lips", eh?


Can't wait to actually see you and Frummie and give you hugs "in person"!

Oh, what a time we'll be having!



Frummie said...

Charlie has been looking up recipes for pig lips and pig feet. He will have the recipe down pat when you get here in 35 days. Can't wait!!!!