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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The World According to Rosa

Hi There!

Remember that movie called,
"The World According to Garp"?

Well, Gilbert and I had another "meeting" this evening, and he was quite upset because 3 or 4 years ago, he used to work for a "delivery" company.... you know? those people that deliver medications to homes, or important documents to law firms or deliver car parts to garages?

Anyhow, he was upset because he couldn't remember where a certain company was... that he had previously delivered AT LEAST 100 items there - his words, not mine.

I said to him...
"Gilbert, Gilbert, Gilbert... don't you know that the human brain is like a computer, but much more complex? You remember things and eventually, your brain gets full. And if you're expected to remember NEW stuff, then some of the old stuff's gotta be deleted! No choice in the (grey) matter!"

Now, there's SOME things that your brain requires.... like when you learned your basic math, at school. Those kinda things - you're not supposed to forget or delete.

Imagine if you were to REMEMBER each and every little detail, from all your previous jobs, and such?!?!?

Why, your brain would just EXPLODE!!!


And that, ladies and gentlemen,
"The World According to Rosa"

Yes, there's 20 days
left till I leave for Florida.

Just like there's 20 spools of thread
in this picture -
don't bother counting...
there's 20 - trust me!


(you went and counted them,
didn't you?!?!? LOL)

Have a TAH-RIF-FIC Tuesday!!!



Greg said...

Poor Gilbert..Tell him not to be to hard on himself. Some days, if I remember where the bathroom is, its a good day!!! :)

Susan In Texas said...

And he learned a new skill recently, quilting, that is, and everyone knows that new skills kinda push over the old ones as they take over your brain. Isn't that how it works? Oh, it's not??? Never mind... That's only how MY brain works. lol

Happy quilting,
Susan in Texas

PS And yes, I did count them.