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Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Drop-Kicked the "Beast"!

Hi There!

WOW! We just got ANOTHER

(taken from Wikipedia:
"Nor'easters also can cause coastal flooding, coastal erosion, hurricane force winds, and heavy snow. Nor'easters can occur at any time of the year but are mostly known for their presence in the winter season."

So, our office closed shop
a couple hours early.

This afternoon,
I grabbed a picture of Gilbert
working on a client's quilt.

Later this evening,
I took a picture of our
new "Bird Bell".

I've never really been interested
in feeding birds,
but yesterday afternoon,
I saw a few of them
in our neighbour's yard
and, just like the Grinch,
my heart started growing
and I went out and bought this bell.

I imagine I'll be sharing
bird pics, as soon as
they, the "birds",
realize that there's food here.

And in amongst this
Mr. or Mrs. Mailperson,
brought me my latest
"American Patchwork & Quilting"

(Thanks Frummie!!!)

Wow!!! Once again,
a cram-packed, info-full
quilt magazine with
plenty of eye candy, too!

Remember this pattern that
Gilbert and I picked up, this past fall?

"Magic Tiles" pattern?

Well, Gilbert wanted to
put up a small wall hanging...
30 or 36 inch square (approx.),
where he could showcase
his medium or big stippling,
for our clients.

He says, "How about we practice this pattern and make a small wall hanging, for my stippling, before we make a big quilt, with our designated fabric?"

I said, "SURE!"
And he helped me out,
by cutting the fabric and such!

By 7 p.m., we decided to call it an evening....

Almost there....

But before Gilbert and I played with the Magic Tiles, I attacked the "Beast" with a "Drop Kick"!!!

When I was a kid, Dad always used to watch wrestling matches, on TV.

I kinda grew to enjoy it, as well as boxing!

(click on the cartoons to get the full effect)

Anyhow, as I was talking to Frummie on the phone, this afternoon and describing my tote pattern to her, it hit me like a frying pan over my head!
(gosh... I am rather physical tonight, aren't I?!?!? LOL)

I was SUPPOSED to quilt the OUTSIDE of this tote with the batting, only!

And THEN, work on the lining.

I TOLD YOU that I had never done this before!

I've been spoiled with Gilbert and Bertha!

I was hemming and hawing but I had to MACHINE QUILT the bottom and side sections!

Sooooo.... as I mentioned,
I grabbed the "Beast", drop kicked it and

And then, Gilbert came up with the "Hey, let's do the Magic Tile blocks!" and who was I to say, "No, I'm still wrestling with the Beast!"


Tomorrow's another day!

And, for those of you following me,
we're now down to 18 days!

Yep, this is was my empty Tic-Tac container, that I've been putting my old needles and such.

Hope you have a Thundering Great Thursday!!!



Barb said...

That is so nice that you and Gilber work so well together....

Love the idea of the tick tacks.

Susan In Texas said...

Love those tiles! Be sure to post pictures of Gilbert's completed stippling. I could use the pointers. 8)

Happy stitching,
Susan in Texas