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Sunday, January 9, 2011

DJ Block and H2H Blocks

Hi There!

Well, I re-signed up, once again, with Elly's BOW (Block Of the Week) and since today IS the deadline and I hadn't made A-7 (Dad's Plaid), yet.... I really didn't have an excuse, did I?!?!?

So, my friend, Elly.... here's my A-7

Okay, remember a while back, when I was in the Heart 2 Heart Block swap?

Well, apparently, these heart blocks that were quietly languishing in a (clean) pizza box, in my closet were considered UFOs - imagine that, eh?!?!?

Sooooo, since Valentine is just around the corner and we took off our vinyl Christmas table cloth AND our kitchen table looks bare, I decided to put together a table quilt, with these hearts.

The only problem is... is that I didn't realize how MANY gorgeous hearts I had!


Soooo, I took out the darkest red ones. These will go into my table quilt.

"What will I do with the other ones?", you ask.

Well, if you were in that swap, you might be one of the lucky contestants to appear in my "Heart 2 Heart" quilt, that's not pieced together yet, but will be in our local quilt guilt show, in October.
(stayed tuned for more...)

For now, here's the ones that I've selected to go in our table quilt.

I'll be posting more pics, as I move along on this project. *s*

Meanwhile, I've finally finished this crumb quilt.

Gilbert has a Valentine's panel to quilt for me, first and then, he'll be doing this one.

And yes, folks, there's now THIRTY-FOUR days left, till I leave for my once in a lifetime dream vacation to Florida!!!!

(Friends + Quilting = Dream Vacation)


Back to work, tomorrow...

Have a great week!!!



Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

Yep...34 days and counting!

Quilt parts in pizza boxes, eh? Ingenious!

When you are "out of parts" let me know...I can supply you with lots of "vintage" quilt parts!



tich said...

I do like your DJ block and the hearts. Busy, busy!!

Barb said...

Love your blocks and your heart blocks....

Elly D said...

Nice job on the DJ block Rosa :) WOW!! You're going to be busy :)) Looking forward to seeing your heart table topper :)

ingene : The gene that always keeps you in fashion ? LOL

Wenche said...

Hey, I remember those hearts! I even put them all together into a finished top. All I need is to add a border, quilt it and put on the binding. Who will finish first? :)

Susan said...

Love seeing the heart blocks...I even recognized one of them I did!!!

Can't wait to see what the "end product" will look like!!