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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Addendum to Today's Post...

Sorry... forgot to add this to today's post...

Callie, our calico cat, has her own video, on You Tube.
She's gotten quite clever, for her "treats".

We tried and tried to teach her Mom, "Minou", but she refuses to try, even!

Callie's video.


Minou, even though she can't do the "treat" trick, has her own talents.

Gilbert uploaded her video to You Tube, as well.

She "bitches" at the birds outside... s'rather comical, even!

Minou's video.

This is best viewed (and listened to) with your speakers on "loud".... you'll be able to hear her swearing or threatening the birds - who knows, eh?!?!? LOL

Hope you enjoy these!


P.S. And in memory of our wonderful, Thunder, here's his You Tube video as well:

Thunder's video.

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Susan In Texas said...

Clever cats, goofy dog. 8)

Susan in Texas