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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hi there!

Took some pictures around 8h30 p.m.,
from our bedroom window.

DARN, the flash went off on my camera, but at least you get to see the "white" stuff, on our window screen.

Here's a picture of our street.

Managed to get someone,
walking in the middle of the street.

And since I had 1/2 of the afternoon off,
I managed to get some sewing done!

YES, I decided to put a thin line
of dark colored fabric and
found the GORGEOUS
heart fabric that Elaine
had sent me to me
a while back.

One of these days,
I'll have a camera
that will take TRUE colors!

This fabric is just SCRUMPTIOUS!!!

Are you all tired of the number 33?

Well, I am!

I promise we'll skip to 32 tomorrow!


Wish me luck, in the morning!

Didn't go to Curves this evening....

I got a feeling with the shoveling going on, tomorrow morning, that this will be like "Boot Camp"!


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Susan In Texas said...

I'm just NOT a cold weather person anymore. I'm from Wisconsin originally, but have lived in Texas for 25 years. It topped out here today at about 2C (very unusual for us) and I froze my butt off! I can't wait for summer!!!!! I wouldn't even mind having a trip to Florida in 30+ days. 8)

Susan in (freezing) Texas