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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Few More Baby Steps...

Hi there!

More on my traveling plans to Florida.

Called our local bus company and got the details.

I now know the costs and
times of arrivals and departures.

Bus leaves my city at 2h20 p.m.
and arrives in Bangor at 6h10 p.m.

Plane leaves Bangor, Maine at 7h00 a.m.

I suspected that I'd have to sleep over the night before and... *shrug*... that's okay with me. But I needed to find where the bus would be dropping me off and where I'd be sleeping and WHERE IS the Bangor airport.

So, I cropped a few map shots,
to share with you.

Here, at the top left hand corner (red dot),
is the Bangor International Airport.

The bus will drop me off at
the bottom right hand corner,
near the "Maine Discovery Museum".

Then, I Googled "hotels" in Bangor, Maine
and found quite a few.

I've narrowed it down to a couple,
near the Bangor International Airport.

What's my problem?

Well, my FAVORITE restaurant,
in Bangor, is the "Olive Garden" -
we don't have any here, in Canada, unfortunately.

Soooo, if you look at THIS map,
the red dot is waaaaay in the
upper right hand corner,
is the Olive Garden.
Not really on my way to the airport.

Perhaps I'll go there on my way back from Florida, eh?



Frummie said...

We have an Olive Garden here. But we also have some fine Italian resturants. If you must go, we will go.
Love you

Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

We'll go to one in Florida Rosa!

No worries....



tich said...

Is it a Chinese restaurant?

Brigitte said...

hi Rosa, I must have missed the final info: WHEN do you travel to Florida - and WHAT are you doing there???
just curious here in icy Germany