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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Blog Winnings!!!

Hi There!

I recently won a blog contest
with Prairie Moon Quilts.

Gosh, but I DO enjoy reading her blog!

She sent me a GORGEOUS fat quarter....
Much prettier in person - trust me!

She included this lovely pattern. I looked it over and it looks like it's REAL easy to make!

And take a look at THIS!!!

It's an appliqué that's part of the pattern, right?

It's just the right size for my NEXT hooked rug project!!!!

Oh... and she included this cute wooden sign, too!

Okay, every now and then someone sends me a link to an incredible web page.

Here's 2, for this evening:

3 D quilt
(Gilbert sent me this one. He says that they won a prize!)

And, this one was sent to me by a friend - you know who you are.

He/She Dies With the Most Fabric Wins?

You know, when I first started this silly countdown, I thought to myself, "Rosa, will you have enough stuff and pictures to post?!?!??"

That, in itself, almost put me in a tizzy.... till I said to myself, "Hey Girl! Take a few deep breaths! We'll go day by day and see what happens... that's all."

As for my trip to Florida, I'm still not too, too nervous. I think it's because we're still in January. When February hits, that might be another matter.


26 more days till I fly south....

Have a great Wednesday!



Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

LOVE the sign Rosa!

And that pattern is really large are the blocks? You just might "need" to bring that to Florida with you!

Only 9 more days in February!!




Susan In Texas said...

I think the fat quarter is pretty in the picture; it must be gorgeous in real life! 8) Congratulations on your win.

Happy stitching,
Susan in Texas