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Sunday, January 2, 2011

2 Jan '11 = Crocodile Tears?

Hi There!

Remember last year when I got a case of "Conjunctivitis"?

Well, we're only 2 in my office and 2 weeks ago, my co-work got Conjunctivitis.

Need I add that Conjunctivitis is VERY contagious?!?!?

Here's a picture of my eyes, last year, taken with my Canon camera.

Here's a picture of me and my eyes, again, taken at the same hospital this morning, but this time with Gilbert's iPhone. Incredible how you can get ALL SORTS of detail with his cell phone!!! Details that, between you and I, I REALLY didn't want captured!


Anyhow, my eyes feel the same way as last year - CRAPPY!

Same symptoms, etc, etc.

This time, this doctor doesn't believe that I have conjunctivitis and prescribed an over-the-counter medication.

Who am I to argue with a doctor, eh?
(although, I keep telling myself that these people are ALSO human beings, right?)

And this is what he prescribed...

eye A drops
Relieves Itching and Redness Fast


Okay.... so I don't have any itching...
Red eyes - yes.
Allergies - no.

I DO have:
Burning, teary eyes...
Sticky eyelids, at times...
Red eyeballs

Anyhow, we'll give this product a whirl and keep our fingers crossed.

Please stay tuned to this chanel.
We will keep you informed, when more news become available.

As for quilting?

Well, yesterday I continued sorting our my scraps. I "WAS" all caught up with my "crap" - oooops, I meant my "scraps" until I realized that I had several orphan blocks and what a WONDERFUL idea to make an orphan, scrappy quilt for my next door neighbour's son, who will be graduating next year.

Well, I spent a good 8 hours in my quilting studio yesterday and it was HEAVEN!!!

I'll be heading downstairs to continue on this crappy quilt, as soon as I sign off here.

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday!


1 comment:

quiltmom said...

Hope your eyes are feeling better soon- Rosa it is not fun..
We send our students home when they get Pink eye because it is so contagious
Happy creating.
Warmest regards,