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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Geocaching - Our "other" hobby, or is it an addiction?!?!?!

Hi there!

I've been asked, just recently what "Geocaching" is.....

In a nutshell... you need a hand-held GPS and access to the internet.

It's a high-tech, treasure hunt game.... with "caches" or treasures hidden ALL OVER THE WORLD. Put in your zip code and chances are, there's a cache within 2 miles of your home, if not closer.


And it's VERY family orientated.... AND it's good for ANY age!

You can choose to go look for an easy cache - a stroll in a park, for example.... or you can select one that needs special gear - scooba diving equipment, or mountain climbing gear, for example....

Myself, I prefer the ultra easy ones! LOL

Once you've found the cache, you sign the enclosed log-book. Sometimes, there's dollar store trinkets in the container that you can exchange with some of YOUR dollar store trinkets. But the important thing, is that you "sign" the log book. Once you go back on the internet, you "log" your "find". Numbers are important in this game! Bragging rights!!!... LOL

You're probably saying, "Well, that's pretty simple and kinda stupid.", right?

But, it gets you OUT OF THE HOUSE, depending on your physical well being, it might even give you more exercise than you're used to...

PLUS, these caches are usually (or most times) hidden near places where you might never would have seen or gone to before, or even offer breath taking views, etc, etc.

That's the basics of the "game".... there are also "Events", where geocachers get together, chat and compare stories or get help with some of the more difficult caches...

Hope this explains our hobby or other "addiction".... *s*


P.S. if you do sign up and start searching around, on the Geocaching web site, my nickname there is "robich".... And I have a few caches hidden, under my name.

Another (lucky) Braggin' Buy!

Hi There!

Yesterday, when I went and picked up my
BOM (Block Of the Month) at our local quilt store,
I pounced on this.....

It was at the cash, for only 50 cents!!!!

Especially, since I'm in the middle of
finishing a baby quilt - it was KARMA!!!


Then, on another little table, I found a plastic,
see-through bag, with "$2.00" written on it.

I couldn't believe it! You rarely get THIS kind of a deal,
in our Canadian quilt shops!!!

There was about 3 or 4 fat quarters of this
scrumptious looking flowery fabric....

1 fat quarter's worth, of this blue-ish fabric....

And almost 1/2 a yard of this INCREDIBLY
GORGEOUS, purplish fabric!

I see this fabric, as my sashing, for my
birthday (siggie) quilt!!!

Not sure if I'll have enough of this purplish fabric,
for the sashing, but I DO have other "chunks"
of purplish fabric.

My birthday siggie quilt will be scrappy!

Have a lovely, scrappy, Sunday!


Sisterhood Award

Hi There!

For months now, I've noticed that some bloggers
are getting Awards and Recognitions,
for their blogs...
and I was starting to feel left out.....


My friend, Elly, just recently nominated me for
the "Sisterhood Award"

Anyhow, here's how it goes:

In order to officially be the recipient of this prestigious award, I need to do a few things first --
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate 10 or fewer blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received your award.

Here are 8 in NO PARTICULAR ORDER....

1) Elly - I LOVE reading what she's up to, and seeing pictures of her gorgeous country! Besides, she often comments on my blogs - and I try, as best as possible, to comment on hers...

2) Elaine - New to blogging, and she's one of my good friends.... s'fun to see her pics and read what she's up to, also.

Cyn - We SOOOO share the same sense of humour... One of these days, we're gonna hit the road with a "Quilting Comedy" Act! For that matter, I think Elaine will have to be included in our "Act", too! LOL

4) Ranette - She's a sweetheart and I thoroughly enjoy reading her blogs! She also does incredible work, too!

5) Mary Ann - S'always fun to read about her works and what's new in her "corner of the world".... *grin*

6) Brigitte - Another great blog! Brigitte has LOTS of talent and it's also fun to read up on her "news", too!

7) Nancy - ANOTHER gal who quilts and has the same kind of warped humour, as I! *VBG*
Always fun to read what quilty project she's up to... or what kind of "bargains" she's picked up and has me drooling at the mouth! LOL

8) Steffini - One of my BESTEST "Buddettes", but she doesn't blog very much. Hoping this award will get her stimulated to share what she's been creating. She's my confidante, my psychologist, my shoulder-to-cry-on, or complain (read: bitch about - LOL) and puter tech wizzard, when Gilbert's too busy for me, among other "jobs". *grin*

Steffini's talents are in quilting, machine embroidery, knitting, hand embroidery, now taking a course in cake decorating.... Whatever that gal touches, the final results are "PERFECT"... *grin*

"STEF-FAH-NEE!!!! You need to blog and share pics with the rest of the world, gurl-friend!!!!"


Now, here's the deal. I've got LOTS of bloggers on my web page and I read each and every one of them, as they're updated... So, you're ALL important and precious to me. *grin*

As for "moi", I am on a week's holiday and enjoying "life"...
in all its different shapes and forms!

Here's my
"March 2009 - Vacation Journal".
(Updates every day)


Hope you're enjoying "life", too!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

New quilt project

Hi there!

Last year, during one of my business trips,
I stopped at my favorite quilt shop,
in the Miramichi..... AKA the "chi".

Anyhow, at the time I fell in love with this line of fabric -
by Northcott, called "Jungle Friends" #2768
and designed by Laurie Godin.

Here's the picture of the "panel",
that I used for the underneath of this quilt.

Here's what was left over, from the other piece of fabric.

Now, this fabric piece had various "strips" in it,
that I cut into.

There's enough fabric, IMHO, to make a 2nd quilt...
and it's since been promised to a good friend of mine. *grin*

Here's a pic of the top part of my quilt..

And here's a picture of one of the blocks...

This one is in the middle.

And VOILA!!!!

Here's the top part of my quilt, all assembled!

This one only took two evenings -

OH MY GOODNESS, but I'm SOOOOO used to
doing little bits of appliqués and teeny, weeny
little blocks, that this quilt felt like I was doing
Fred Flintstone Blocks!


Anyhow, I hope the recipient enjoys it!

My friend's hubby should be long arm quilting this one,
during the next week or so!!!



(NOTE: As usual, if you want to see the picture in it's BIGGER format, just "click" on it.)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spidron - Step 5

Hi there!

Okay, I managed to FINISH my
Spidron top!!!!

Removed all the extra basting stitches
and paper, in the back....

YEP... I had paperpieced the darn thing!

Here's some info, on Spidrons:


I find these Spidrons FASCINATING,
but I don't think I'll be making another one, soon... *grin*

Anyhow, tomorrow evening, it's back to the
"special" hearts and then... onto new projects...

Have yourselves a GREAT week!


Spidron - Steps 3 and 4

Hi there!

Well, remember my Spidron, on-line-through-my-guild-course?

Well, steps are posted every 2 weeks (approx.)
and the last steps, I didn't get a chance to work on them...
too busy working on my special "hearts".

Anyhow, Thursday(?), the teacher posted the
5th and final step and I thought,
"Oh My Goodness! I better get the 4th and 5h (final) steps done!"

Here's a picture of step 3 (I believe)....

And I've now finished step 4....
Here's the picture:

You can now really see the "curley" spidron effect.

Cool, eh?

And the neatest part, is that I FINALLY figured out
what I will be doing with this table topper....

IF it turns out okay, that is....
*keeps her fingers crossed*

Today is Sunday morning and I plan on finishing the
5ht and final step, today! *grin*


Special Heart #2

Hi there!

Okay, everyone has since received my 2nd "Special" heart....

This one I found in an OLD magazine.... and I thought,
"OH MY GOD! That would love LOVELY and so different!!!", right?

Well, what I usually do is make the 1st one for me -
mine is my prototype... *grin*

Anyhow, when I took mine in, to work,
to show my co-workers, they all agreed that
the "darker" little piece should be omitted.

So, everyone else got their block,
without that little extra (dark) red fabric.

And I labeled this one....

"Love Grows".

My 3rd heart set is all done but since it's a bit
"thickish" and will probably cost me extra to mail, anyhow,
I figured it best to wait, before I mail it out.



Saturday, March 7, 2009

Special Heart #1

Hi There!

Well, as some of you might know,
I signed up for the H2H swap (Heart to Heart) swap.

40 (different) hearts were made, mailed
and our Swap Mommy has since received them.

She will be swapping them out, at the end of March!

Anyhow, and in the meantime,
a couple cyber friends convinced me (read TWISTED MY ARM)
to do an EXTRA SPECIAL "heart" swap.

And the snowball grew from there.

Not on purpose, but it happened that we are:
2 from the USA
2 from Canada and
2 from Germany.

Sooooo.... here's a picture of my 1st special Heart block....

Mind you, the fabric is white and for some stupid reason,
my pictures are never the best.....

PLUS, this is MINE... the other ones in this series are MUCH better!


Thought I'd share.....

Now, everyone has since received this one.
The 2nd one is in the mail and as soon
as everyone has received it,
I'll share the pic.

Here's where I got the pattern, for the 1st special heart block....
but just a word of advice...

There's a LOT of bits and pieces of paper to remove,
afterwards!!!! *grin*

Ulas Quilt Page

Have a great quilty weekend!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Me and Tha Girls - Part 2

Hi there!

Got these in my email box.....

Thought I'd share a couple chuckles, with you!


This picture is shows the newest fad -
scarves for women!


Have a great (sewing) day and HEY!!! don't forget to get your daily laugh, too!



Sunday, March 1, 2009

Another month, 2 other BOMs!

Hi there!

Well, they're forecasting another cruddy evening,
going into tomorrow.....

And THIS TIME, they're not sure -
could be rain, could be snow,
and it could be freezing rain, or ice pellets....
or whatever name you want to call it!

At this point, I'm calling it a 4-letter word,
it starts with the letter "s" and NO,
it's NOT "snow"!

*wry grin*

Anyhow, it's now almost 5 p.m.
and the snow started around 3 p.m.

I worked on this month's Block of the Month (BOM)....

Still don't care for the colors and
I get bored easily, but this project
is just TOO easy for me....
Guess the Dear Jane quilt spoilt me a bit!

Here's the 2nd "House", from the internet.

It's also a BOM and it's called:
"Come on Over to My House"

These are supposed to be appartment buildings and
YES, the 2 middle ones are sewn together....
side by side.

It's a bit more of a challenge and
I LOVE searching through my stash,
trying to find the perfect fabric.

The house on the left appears too pale,
and even though they suggested pale lavender
for this one, I might change the colors
completely, before I put it together.

Hope you're having a GREAT sewing day!!!


From Cyn!!!

Hi there!

A couple weeks ago, as some of you are aware,
I celebrated my 49+1 birthday....

My dear friend, Cyn, send me a surprise gifty!

A BEEE-UUU-TEEE-FULL fat quarter
with lovely little hearts in it!

And imagine my surprise when Cyn told me
that it was a 30's print!!!!


Then, Friday, I look into my mailbox and there's ANOTHER
thick enveloppe, from Cyn!

*hmmmmm..... I wonder what Cyn sent me THIS time...*

A "mug rug".... hand made by Cyn, herself!!!!


Anyhow, yesterday afternoon, I had to go pick up my youngest son,
James, from work and swung by a local bakery - new to me,
and picked up some "war cake" and a "Timmies"...

Tim Hortons have their annual "Roll up the Rim to Win" contest.

Gilbert and I have won a couple donuts, so far this year....

But NO.... we've never won a big prize.... yet....

Thank you Cyn, for the lovely gifties!!!

Your "Mug Rug" is in front of my computer
and I'll be using it often.... TRUST ME!!!