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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sisterhood Award

Hi There!

For months now, I've noticed that some bloggers
are getting Awards and Recognitions,
for their blogs...
and I was starting to feel left out.....


My friend, Elly, just recently nominated me for
the "Sisterhood Award"

Anyhow, here's how it goes:

In order to officially be the recipient of this prestigious award, I need to do a few things first --
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate 10 or fewer blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received your award.

Here are 8 in NO PARTICULAR ORDER....

1) Elly - I LOVE reading what she's up to, and seeing pictures of her gorgeous country! Besides, she often comments on my blogs - and I try, as best as possible, to comment on hers...

2) Elaine - New to blogging, and she's one of my good friends.... s'fun to see her pics and read what she's up to, also.

Cyn - We SOOOO share the same sense of humour... One of these days, we're gonna hit the road with a "Quilting Comedy" Act! For that matter, I think Elaine will have to be included in our "Act", too! LOL

4) Ranette - She's a sweetheart and I thoroughly enjoy reading her blogs! She also does incredible work, too!

5) Mary Ann - S'always fun to read about her works and what's new in her "corner of the world".... *grin*

6) Brigitte - Another great blog! Brigitte has LOTS of talent and it's also fun to read up on her "news", too!

7) Nancy - ANOTHER gal who quilts and has the same kind of warped humour, as I! *VBG*
Always fun to read what quilty project she's up to... or what kind of "bargains" she's picked up and has me drooling at the mouth! LOL

8) Steffini - One of my BESTEST "Buddettes", but she doesn't blog very much. Hoping this award will get her stimulated to share what she's been creating. She's my confidante, my psychologist, my shoulder-to-cry-on, or complain (read: bitch about - LOL) and puter tech wizzard, when Gilbert's too busy for me, among other "jobs". *grin*

Steffini's talents are in quilting, machine embroidery, knitting, hand embroidery, now taking a course in cake decorating.... Whatever that gal touches, the final results are "PERFECT"... *grin*

"STEF-FAH-NEE!!!! You need to blog and share pics with the rest of the world, gurl-friend!!!!"


Now, here's the deal. I've got LOTS of bloggers on my web page and I read each and every one of them, as they're updated... So, you're ALL important and precious to me. *grin*

As for "moi", I am on a week's holiday and enjoying "life"...
in all its different shapes and forms!

Here's my
"March 2009 - Vacation Journal".
(Updates every day)


Hope you're enjoying "life", too!



ranette said...

Thank you Rosa! I will try to get the award on my blog today. I think Elly gave me one too.

Enjoy your vacation, I'm jealous....really I am. I took a week off a couple of weeks ago and I loved it.

BTW what are geocaches? (I think I spelled that right. I couldn't navigate away w/o loosing what I've written.

Nancy-Rose said...

Thank you Rosa!

ranette said...

Right back at you girlfriend! Check my blog.

Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

WOW...thank you Rosa! I feel honored to be included in this group since I just started publishing on my blog.

Mary Ann said...

Thanks for the award, Rosa! I'll have to get on that ASAP!!!
Great finds at the Quilt Shop,too!