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Thursday, March 26, 2009

New quilt project

Hi there!

Last year, during one of my business trips,
I stopped at my favorite quilt shop,
in the Miramichi..... AKA the "chi".

Anyhow, at the time I fell in love with this line of fabric -
by Northcott, called "Jungle Friends" #2768
and designed by Laurie Godin.

Here's the picture of the "panel",
that I used for the underneath of this quilt.

Here's what was left over, from the other piece of fabric.

Now, this fabric piece had various "strips" in it,
that I cut into.

There's enough fabric, IMHO, to make a 2nd quilt...
and it's since been promised to a good friend of mine. *grin*

Here's a pic of the top part of my quilt..

And here's a picture of one of the blocks...

This one is in the middle.

And VOILA!!!!

Here's the top part of my quilt, all assembled!

This one only took two evenings -

OH MY GOODNESS, but I'm SOOOOO used to
doing little bits of appliqués and teeny, weeny
little blocks, that this quilt felt like I was doing
Fred Flintstone Blocks!


Anyhow, I hope the recipient enjoys it!

My friend's hubby should be long arm quilting this one,
during the next week or so!!!



(NOTE: As usual, if you want to see the picture in it's BIGGER format, just "click" on it.)


Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

I LOVE this quilt is just so perfect for a child! Great job! And ONLY two days to complete,WOW...that's a record in my book! Elaine in SLO,Ca

Elly D said...

Hey there girfriend.. lovely quilt... now go collect your award on my blog :-D