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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spidron - Steps 3 and 4

Hi there!

Well, remember my Spidron, on-line-through-my-guild-course?

Well, steps are posted every 2 weeks (approx.)
and the last steps, I didn't get a chance to work on them...
too busy working on my special "hearts".

Anyhow, Thursday(?), the teacher posted the
5th and final step and I thought,
"Oh My Goodness! I better get the 4th and 5h (final) steps done!"

Here's a picture of step 3 (I believe)....

And I've now finished step 4....
Here's the picture:

You can now really see the "curley" spidron effect.

Cool, eh?

And the neatest part, is that I FINALLY figured out
what I will be doing with this table topper....

IF it turns out okay, that is....
*keeps her fingers crossed*

Today is Sunday morning and I plan on finishing the
5ht and final step, today! *grin*


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