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Sunday, March 1, 2009

From Cyn!!!

Hi there!

A couple weeks ago, as some of you are aware,
I celebrated my 49+1 birthday....

My dear friend, Cyn, send me a surprise gifty!

A BEEE-UUU-TEEE-FULL fat quarter
with lovely little hearts in it!

And imagine my surprise when Cyn told me
that it was a 30's print!!!!


Then, Friday, I look into my mailbox and there's ANOTHER
thick enveloppe, from Cyn!

*hmmmmm..... I wonder what Cyn sent me THIS time...*

A "mug rug".... hand made by Cyn, herself!!!!


Anyhow, yesterday afternoon, I had to go pick up my youngest son,
James, from work and swung by a local bakery - new to me,
and picked up some "war cake" and a "Timmies"...

Tim Hortons have their annual "Roll up the Rim to Win" contest.

Gilbert and I have won a couple donuts, so far this year....

But NO.... we've never won a big prize.... yet....

Thank you Cyn, for the lovely gifties!!!

Your "Mug Rug" is in front of my computer
and I'll be using it often.... TRUST ME!!!


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