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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Geocaching - Our "other" hobby, or is it an addiction?!?!?!

Hi there!

I've been asked, just recently what "Geocaching" is.....

In a nutshell... you need a hand-held GPS and access to the internet.

It's a high-tech, treasure hunt game.... with "caches" or treasures hidden ALL OVER THE WORLD. Put in your zip code and chances are, there's a cache within 2 miles of your home, if not closer.


And it's VERY family orientated.... AND it's good for ANY age!

You can choose to go look for an easy cache - a stroll in a park, for example.... or you can select one that needs special gear - scooba diving equipment, or mountain climbing gear, for example....

Myself, I prefer the ultra easy ones! LOL

Once you've found the cache, you sign the enclosed log-book. Sometimes, there's dollar store trinkets in the container that you can exchange with some of YOUR dollar store trinkets. But the important thing, is that you "sign" the log book. Once you go back on the internet, you "log" your "find". Numbers are important in this game! Bragging rights!!!... LOL

You're probably saying, "Well, that's pretty simple and kinda stupid.", right?

But, it gets you OUT OF THE HOUSE, depending on your physical well being, it might even give you more exercise than you're used to...

PLUS, these caches are usually (or most times) hidden near places where you might never would have seen or gone to before, or even offer breath taking views, etc, etc.

That's the basics of the "game".... there are also "Events", where geocachers get together, chat and compare stories or get help with some of the more difficult caches...

Hope this explains our hobby or other "addiction".... *s*


P.S. if you do sign up and start searching around, on the Geocaching web site, my nickname there is "robich".... And I have a few caches hidden, under my name.

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Cyn ;-) Calif/USA said...

This sounds like SOOOO much fun, Rosa! Can't wait to tell my kids about it. We were just speaking about it last week, but I didn't explain it to them very well. Think I'll email them your blog addy and they can read the 'real' description right here!
Hugs, ;-)