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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bobby's Hospice Quilt # 2 - AKA "Liqorice Quilt"

Hi There!

What I've always found fascinating with quilting is that you take a pretty simple block, like this....

Put 4 of them together and this is what you get.

Admit it. 
You're impressed, right?

But take a look at a quilt top, made with this block pattern!!!!

Thanks to my friend from Quilt Mom's Journey, who sent me this FREE pattern, called "Pinwheel Fence Rail"and, I was looking to use up my scraps of Red, ROW (Red On White), WOW (White On White) and Black and BOB (Black On Black) fabrics.

I just need to add a Red border and piece a back and then, ask Gilbert (and Bertha) to work their magic!


Monday, March 11, 2013

More Spring Baskets

 Hi There!

I've been busying working on my 
Spring Basket Swap Blocks 
and I have a 2nd one all finished.

Mind you, I'm doing them double -
One for me and one for the Swappee.

So, here's my 2nd finished block.

And here's the other 2nd block...

This past week, my friend Frummie (and Charlie) sent me TWELVE different machine embroidered baskets!!!

She was only supposed to send me 1 but Charlie got over zealous and made me all twelve!  I didn't want to post them all.... so as not to spoil the others' surprise, but these baskets are adorable!!!

And,Frummie included this
 cute little card with her blocks.

Thanks Frummie and Charlie!!!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring Basket Block Swap

First block - Completed!

Today's Agenda?

Hi There!

Quick note to tell you that I've got a few 
"To Do" things on my list, today...

Laundry - On-Going...

Wash my hair - DONE!

Work on this month's e-Newsletter.

Start work on my 
Spring Basket Block Swap.

Work on Flower Blocks for 
my UFO - 2010 BOM

Prepare something quilty to bring to 
my weekly Quilt Guild meeting, tomorrow.


What am I doing still on the computer?!??!?

Get your butt into gear, girl!!!

Later 'gatorettes!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bobby's Hospice #1

Hi there!

It was recently brought to my attention that our local hospice - Bobby's Hospice - lets their patients use one of their quilts.  And apparently their quilts are getting rather shabby.

I LOVE making crumb blocks and had a few lego blocks.

Well, my few "Lego" blocks were languishing in an empty, yet clean, pizza box and had assumed the (ugly) title of UFO - "Un-Finished Object".

So, I decided that I had to get off the fence and move on with these Lego Blocks.  

I cut a few of 'em up and added a few crumb blocks and made the top of this quilt, that I've named "Bobby #1".  I "plan" on making 1 quilt per month, to give to Bobby's Hospice.

We shall see.

Here's the quilt top that I finished 3 days ago.

And, true to one of my New Year's Eve goal, I am using up as much of my fabric stash, as possible.  I've put together a "pieced" back!

Its like a reversible quilt!


And, here's a picture of this quilt's label.  I don't wanna brag, but I think it's rather cute!

I hope to deliver this as soon as Gilbert quilts it and I get a few hours to bind it!



Friday, March 1, 2013

"Twisted Roses" is Coming Together!

Hi There!

Gilbert finally found time for one of my quilts, this afternoon!

I had used my Twister Ruler for my "Twisted Roses" quilt....

And the top and back were finished last October.

Here's "Twisted Roses" on the Longarm.

You can see a portion of the "back" of this quilt.  
I decided to piece it together.
  Yes, it took longer to finish 
but I get a reversible quilt!

Here's Gilbert's picture of the finished quilt.

Late this afternoon, I finished "Lorenza's Quilt" top.  
No, I don't have pictures of the finished quilt top or back.  
Since I'm hoping to surprise
my cousin with the final product,
I'll only be sharing pics one that quilt is delivered.


Have a great weekend!