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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bobby's Hospice Quilt # 2 - AKA "Liqorice Quilt"

Hi There!

What I've always found fascinating with quilting is that you take a pretty simple block, like this....

Put 4 of them together and this is what you get.

Admit it. 
You're impressed, right?

But take a look at a quilt top, made with this block pattern!!!!

Thanks to my friend from Quilt Mom's Journey, who sent me this FREE pattern, called "Pinwheel Fence Rail"and, I was looking to use up my scraps of Red, ROW (Red On White), WOW (White On White) and Black and BOB (Black On Black) fabrics.

I just need to add a Red border and piece a back and then, ask Gilbert (and Bertha) to work their magic!



Snippets of Carol said...

Very nice and love the colors.

tich said...

Very clever!

Susan In Texas said...

I really like this quilt. I love how just a tiny bit of the corner makes such a big statement overall. I've been missing you. Where ya been?

Take care,
Susan in Texas

quiltmom said...

Love this licorice quilt- it is so fun and great to see the individual blocks- You have made a great quilt Rosa.