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Monday, March 11, 2013

More Spring Baskets

 Hi There!

I've been busying working on my 
Spring Basket Swap Blocks 
and I have a 2nd one all finished.

Mind you, I'm doing them double -
One for me and one for the Swappee.

So, here's my 2nd finished block.

And here's the other 2nd block...

This past week, my friend Frummie (and Charlie) sent me TWELVE different machine embroidered baskets!!!

She was only supposed to send me 1 but Charlie got over zealous and made me all twelve!  I didn't want to post them all.... so as not to spoil the others' surprise, but these baskets are adorable!!!

And,Frummie included this
 cute little card with her blocks.

Thanks Frummie and Charlie!!!


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