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Friday, March 1, 2013

"Twisted Roses" is Coming Together!

Hi There!

Gilbert finally found time for one of my quilts, this afternoon!

I had used my Twister Ruler for my "Twisted Roses" quilt....

And the top and back were finished last October.

Here's "Twisted Roses" on the Longarm.

You can see a portion of the "back" of this quilt.  
I decided to piece it together.
  Yes, it took longer to finish 
but I get a reversible quilt!

Here's Gilbert's picture of the finished quilt.

Late this afternoon, I finished "Lorenza's Quilt" top.  
No, I don't have pictures of the finished quilt top or back.  
Since I'm hoping to surprise
my cousin with the final product,
I'll only be sharing pics one that quilt is delivered.


Have a great weekend!


1 comment:

Susan In Texas said...

Wow, you didn't get tired of the Twister process. I'm impressed! It looks terrific too. 8)

Take care,
Susan in Texas