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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lorenza's Quilt and Her Progress

Hi There!

Last Thursday, I went to my Quilt Guild's weekly gathering.  

Once a week, we meet and work on whatever project we wish.

I decided to bring "Lorenza's Quilt" letters to machine applique, 
which I usually find extremely boring .  

I have to admit, 
I found it much more fun to do with quilty friends!

Finally finished piecing the top, Friday!!!

Here's a close-up of her name.

 And, as I've mentioned before, if I have any "orphan" blocks, I will now be trying to incorporate them into the back of the quilt.... AND use up any "chunks" of fabrics that are color coordinated with the quilt top!

No more buying solid pieces of fabric for a back!

Gonna use up my stash!!!

Here's a picture of the (incomplete) back of this quilt:

And a close-up of one of the labels:

Can't wait to finish the back 
and bring both top AND back
it to our weekly quilt group 
and do a "Show 'n Tell" with them!

Hope you have a Super Sunday!


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