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Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow Storm = Snow Man

Workin' on an (inspired) quilty Snow Man quilt block... A la Jim Shore.

Still gotta add some twiggy arms, embroidered eyes and mouth. Not sure.

What d'ya think, eh?

BTW, we're hunkering down to yet another major storm.

Each storm they've predicted, so far this year, has been the storm of the century.

And, to each one, we just sigh and carry on. What can you do, eh?

Snow means quilting for me.

"Quilting" starts, in earnest, tomorrow.

Will keep you posted.



LiteMotif said...

Now that is really cute;)

Susan said...

That is a great pieced block for a snow man. Yes I think the embroidery will give the final touch to it.
How did the Quilting Retreat go? I'm sure you'll tell us all about it.
We're heating up again here for a few very hots days again. Always a concern about bushfires.

Susan said...

I forgot to mention, I;ve done another post on my blog, if you want to see a couple of travel photo's!!

Cyn said...

Great idea for a block, Rosa. Embroidery will be a good touch.
How was retreat? Thought you'd do a post about it...hint hint. *g*
Be safe in all the bad weather.