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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Quilting Retreat = Heaven (or almost)

 Hi There!

Last Tuesday morning, Gilbert dropped me off at my very first - but not last - Quilting Retreat, organized by my Quilting Guild.

I was in a tizzy!

Which quilting project(s) should I bring? 

What to bring and not to bring 
and HOPEFULLY not forget anything!

Here's my room.  The bed was sooo comphy!

It was a bit hot, for me, in the entire building. 
NEXT time, I will bring some t-shirts!

There were 2 rooms that we used to quilt in.

This was the big room.

I was in the smaller room with Theresa...

And Thelma!

Two gals that I didn't know before but got to know them by the end of the retreat and TRULY enjoyed their company!!!

What would the food be like?

Our first lunch was squash soup and sandwiches.


I hate to admit it, but I was going to miss my "Timmies".

The 2nd day, one of the ladies had to leave the Retreat and came back with a Timmies for me and Theresa!

How nice was that, eh?!??

Here's a few Eye Candy pics...

LOVE this quilt!!!

And a cute "zig-zag" quilt...

Theresa managed to finish this "African Village" quilt - Awesome, eh?!??!

And here's a quilt that Gilbert had quilted!

Theresa B. did the hand binding, while at the retreat!

Marilyn finished her adorable black, white and pink quilt and .... Gosh - can't remember her name but she finished a lovely blue tote!

That's about it!

I plan on going on NEXT year's Quilting Retreat...
God willing and budget permitting!

It was pure fun!!!



Pat from Florida said...

Your very first! How fun! Looks like everyone had a super time.

Yes, pack layers to you can add or subtract as the temperature suits you.

I like to pack some hand work and some machine work. Or one project and really focus.

Sounds like a super success.

Cyn said...

Sounds like you had a blast, Rosa! The very first one is so special.
I agree with Pat, always dress in layers -- safer and more comfy that way.
Did you have everything you needed? Did you like what you packed?
Sounds like you all had a great Retreat! Thanks for sharing all the eye candy.