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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Today's Agenda

Hi There!

Got a busy Agenda, today!

Do laundry.

Start packing.

Run around like a chicken with it's head cut off!
(now I know how some of you feel...)

Worry about forgetting something.

"What's up?", you ask.

I'm leaving tomorrow morning to go to 
my first EVER Quilting Retreat!!!

I, of course, don't want to forget anything!

Isn't this adorable?!??  
You can order the embroidery pattern here
It's called "Redwork - The Quilt Retreat".

I hemmed and hawed about which project to bring along.  When at home, I usually throw stuff or blocks on my design wall, figure out where I'm going with a certain project... Sometimes, I go "shopping" in my own personal stash.  Most times, it truly is an intensive "throw-stuff-around-and-make-a-mess" kinda process.

And, I didn't want to bring TOO much "stuff"!  
But, on the other hand, 
I certainly didn't want to forget "stuff" either, right?

Sooooo, I finally limited myself to 3 projects.

1st Quilty Project
Bonnie Hunter's "Pineapple Crazy" blocks.

I have approx. 20 paper pieced pineapple blocks made and I need 224(?) blocks. I need to bring my bin of scraps and a bag of scraps that I've since started. I figure IF I ever run out of scraps, I'll surely be able to beg some from the other ladies or scrounge in their garbage bin!  Most of my required scraps require an inch or less of fabric!  *VBG*

I'll need her book, my pre-printed paper blocks - for paper piecing, my cutter, a small ruler and a small cutting board.  These blocks are... I think they're 6 inches(?). Can't remember.

2nd Quilty Project
My Fussy-Cut Hexagons.

This will be an evening, hand sewing project.
IF we're sitting around, just chatting.
I can work on these.
Got them prepped, in my small little bag.
All ready to go!

3rd Quilty Project
3 Dear Jane blocks.

I truly DO need to get these done.
Another evening project.
They need to be "needle turned",
as it is part of a class that I give.
(The teacher needs to teach by example, right?)
These too, are all prepped and ready to appliqué!

Wish me luck!  

Wish me "fun", instead!!!

Should have a hoot 'n a half with these quilters!!!


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Cyn said...

Excellent, Rosa. I hope u r having a ton of fun! no... F.U.N!!! lol
hugs; -)