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Friday, April 5, 2013

Another "Baby" Finds a New Home!

Hi There!

Do you think of your quilts as your "babies"?

I do.  

I've been known to hold onto my "baby" for several months 
till I'm finally ready to let it go to its new parent.

Well, Lorenza's Quilt left my home fairly quickly.

And, I'm tickled pink that Lorenza's tickled pink!


 And it fits PERFECTLY!!!

Here's a picture of the"back" of the quilt on my clothes line.

A picture of the block, on my design wall.

I did some embroidery on the back of the quilt.
Unfortunately, the sun and/or shade played havoc with the true colors of this block.

And here's the other embroidered heart that was also on the back.

This was a fun project that also came from the heart.

Have a Fantastic Friday!



Lakegaldonna said...

Congrats on your finish Rosa.
I love the quilt and what makes it even better is the pieced back, you spent some time there girl.

Happy quilting!

Susan In Texas said...

It's REALLY beautiful, Rosa. I love the back too. You and Gilbert must be very happy with it, and yes, they are hard to let go of sometimes!

Take care,
Susan in Texas

tich said...

Beautiful quilt!