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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Getting Organised... (or trying, anyhow)

Hi There!

Are you like me?  

I seem to get the "bestest" ideas early in the morning. Most times, within 1 hour of waking up, even.  And I wasn't even REMOTELY looking for these "ideas".  They just seem to pop up, out of nowhere!

This morning's idea?  

Instead of going into my sewing room every day and tackling my recent project and feeling guilty 'cause this other project or whatever project isn't getting touched, why not have a weekly schedule, right?

Sooooo, I jotted down projects and things that I wanted to do.  Not all drudgery stuff.  And this schedule would apply to either a whole morning or a whole afternoon.  And IF I was enjoying myself too much, at that time, then it would be a WHOLE day thing!

Plus, my "schedule" or "agenda" will not be written in cement.  These projects are merely "suggestions"...  *grin*

Monday - Dear Jane blocks or work on piecing my DJ Siggie Blocks, including my Christmas Siggies.

Tuesday - Inklingo: Dream Rose
(I've been putting this one off and this will FORCE me out of my comfort zone, too!)

Wednesday - BOM:  finish my applique'd flower blocks and then, piece the blocks together.

Thursday - Quilter's Cove:  "Hand stuff" - embroidery, pincushions, "Diamond Stars", etc,

Friday - SnowPeople quilts with exchanged blocks.

Saturday /Sunday - New projects  -  Table runners for our "wall".

How's that for a schedule?  

But, that truly won't come into full effect till after our Guild's Quilt Show... May 2nd to 4th.

This morning?  I've got toilet duties, unfortunately.  And am trying to get caught up with Bonnie Hunter's recent Mystery Quilt that is published in the "Quiltmaker" magazine(s).   Aaaaaand....  I might make some more pillowcases, to sell, at our quilt show.

Gorgeous sunshine out there, this morning!  

Hope you all have a SUPER Saturday!!!


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