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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bobby's Hospice House #3 - AKA "Strawberry Crumb Cake"

 Hi There!

Just an blog update - a sort of "Sew 'N Tell".

A few days before Easter, I made 10 pillowcases for family members.

They were well received!

Sew, I guess I'll make some more....
in the near future.

Okay, you must be SICK of my red quilts, by now!


Well, I truly AM trying to use up all my bits and pieces and then, move onto some other projects.... hopefully projects with other colors, eh?


Here's my pile of "crumbs".
For you non-quilters out there, "crumbs" are fabric bits and pieces and smidgeons, even!

 Here is a picture of me, making some "Crumb Blocks".

Here's a picture of my "Strawberry Crumb Cake".

I can assure you that the top is now completed but unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of it, yet.

And since I finished the quilt top this morning, I started working on piecing the back of the quilt.

As of supper time, I have 2 big chunks sewn up.

Tomorrow's another day, eh?


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