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Saturday, January 22, 2011

More Baby Steps...

Hi There!

Well, remember those orphan and crumb blocks that I was working on? The quilt that I "was" going to give to my neighbour's son? Well, after Gilbert and I had an executive meeting, he suggested that we try and sell it. Our very first quilty project, up for sale. I mean, SURE, we've sold stuff to family members but the agreed upon price, for these quilts, only covered the materials. *s*

But hey - it's "family"! What can you do, eh?


Anyhow, the "Brown and Green" quilt is finished. I consider this a "completed" UFO (Un-Finished Object), BTW!

I'll be sewing it's label this evening.

Here's our quilt on KiJiJi.

And here it is on our

3 A Quilting web page
(scroll down)

And... here's a close up of Gilbert's quilting:

And a picture of our quilt,
taken outside, this afternoon.

As for "Baby Steps"....

Well, Gilbert and I shoveled our way out, this morning and headed out to do our "Saturday Morning Errands".

I picked up 2 pieces of luggage, as Gilbert and I only had those old fashioned, vinyle suitcases with no wheels on them. Remember them?

My new luggage color is "Framboise".

(psssst.... don't tell anyone, but in English, it's just plain Raspberry. I just thought it sounded fancier that way! LOL)

They're "London Fog" bags.
Imagine MOI, with London Fog bags!!!

In the bigger bag, I got a FREE "tote". No, the tote doesn't have wheels underneath it, but it's still nice, "Framboise" color and it's a London Fog!


This picture seems to show it's actual color, better.

And while chatting with Elaine on the phone, she explained how I could actually STACK these bags!!! How cool is that, eh?!?!?

23 days left....


I just counted how many Saturdays are left -


I best get a move on...

*counting on my fingers*

I'll need to get my hair cut,
I'll need to get some USA money,
I'll need to pack this and that...
And OH - I CAN'T forget THIS!

Hope your Saturday's as relaxing as mine!


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tich said...

Good luck with the new enterprise and I love the luggage. cool colour!!