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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Finally.... 32 DAYS!!!!

Hi There!

Remember I had red, itchy and leaky eyes, a couple weeks ago?

Well, my problem didn't disappear.

I went to an specialist today....
A Eye Disease and Eye Surgery specialist,
or something like that.

After checking me and my eyes over,
this Doctor explained it so well that even MOI could understand!

There are 3 types of conjunctivitis:

Allergic Conjunctivitis
Hay fever, kinda eye watering and sneezing problems.
(that wasn't me.)

Bacterial Conjunctivitis:
Green pus and crap ooozes from your eyes.
(THANK GOD, that wasn't me!)

Viral Conjunctivitis:
Eyes itchy, watery, you need to blink 'cause you sometimes see shadows or big blurry spots in front of you. I asked him if it was like having an "eye cold" and he said "Yes... Same idea."
(YES!!! That's MOI!!!!)

Nothing to do 'cept let 'er ride it out.

And - get this - At this stage, it's NOT contagious!!!!


Now, as for THIS picture..... once again, had I KNOWN Gilbert and his best bud, Mr. iPhone, would have snapped a picture of me, I think I could have posed a bit better!

To tell you the truth,
I'm not usually camera shy but PLEASE tell me ahead of time when you're taking my picture!


And OF COURSE, he didn't tell me what he and Mr. iPhone did, nor did he tell me that I looked like a beached whale propped up in a chair!


Had I known that, I might NOT have bought this, with my subway sandwich!

BUT "OH-MMM-GEE", these are GOOD!!!!

A fancy muffin, wrapped in chocolate colored paper - how adorable is THAT, eh?!?!?

As for my eyesight,
the Doctor said that in 3 weeks,
I should be better!

I'll be able to SEE my friends better, too!!!!

Hope your Thursday's goin' great!


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