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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bring It On!!!

Hi There!

Would you believe that we're ALREADY Sunday evening?!?!?

I got up real early and headed downstairs to my sewing studio.

Finished machine sewing the binding on my 4 and 9 patch runners.
(pictures will be shared, when completely finished)
I just need to do the hand sewing part, now.

Gilbert, got up and headed downstairs, too.

He finished quilting our "Magic Tiles" mini quilt.

We're calling it his "sampler".

In the center, he did some medium stippling or meandering.

And, he divided the quilt border in quarters.

Here's what we call the "Le-Le" pattern.

Here's his "Feathered Hearts",
which I DO adore!!!

And, we call this one "Lasso".

And this is a fairly new one...


It's good for a filler, but OH MY GOODNESS, it takes a long time to do!

Then, after machine sewing (one side) of my 2 table runners, I managed to start and finish a Dora purse for my 2 year old niece's birthday. Turns out, at 2 years old, she ADORES Dora and HEY !!! I had, believe it or not, JUST ENOUGH Dora fabric to make her a tote!

She LOVED it and wore it, after it got opened!

And... I made a
"Big Girl Belt", for my niece,
"Princess Sophia".

If I can perfect this one, I'll put up a tutorial... but don't hold your breath. I've got a few things on my plate, right now. *s*

And guess what?

Would you believe we're at 15 days
BEFORE I leave for Florida?!?!?

When did I become a "Wuss"!?!??!?

It musta been at the same time that I became an "adult", and then, a "Mature Person" and then, all of a sudden, people are saying to me, "Yes, Mam" and "No, Mam"

I still feel too young to be called "Mam"!!!

Let me explain....

A good friend sent me an email yesterday. She has been following my blog and was writing to wish me a good time in Florida. I told her that I was "scared stiff"... you know? flying alone, to a place where I had never been, etc, etc, etc.

This is what she wrote ....
(Barb, I hope you don't mind me copying this...)

"... Don't think of being "scared stiff" -- think of it as an adventure. Look at all the new experiences you are going to have."

Where DID my sense of adventure go to?!?!?!?

When did I start thinking like a little old (scared) lady?!?!?

Barb ... thanks for bringing me back to life!

YES! This IS an adventure!!!

I'll have TONS of stories and good stuff to share with others!!!!


Bring It On!!!!

Have a Supreme Sunday!



Barb said...

I love your free motion....

RVJan said...

You will have a great adventure.....getting on a plane and flying somewhere new will be neat!!! Going by yourself really means you ARE an adventureous soul. It will be super and hopefully warm...but with friends' hugs, well that ensures warmth.

Susan In Texas said...

I love your pebbles free motion quilting. You're right, it takes forever to do anything more than just stipple. I've looked at many of the patterns designed by the 365 days of free motion blog and she makes it look so easy. AND she's only doing a 5x5 piece of fabric. It goes so fast for her. lol It's fun though, and really worth it when you're FINALLY through. You're going to be just FINE in Florida. You'll have a wonderful time. Relax!

Happy quilting,
Susan in Texas

tich said...

Gilbert's quilting is gorgeous!! As for scared stiff - remember 'Life is not a dress rehearsal' Think of alll the fun you will miss out on, if you are too scared to try!!