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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Counting My Pennies...


Surprised you, eh?

You thought I'd start my blog with a
"Hi there!"

And if my little girl doesn't "wink" at you, it's 'cause I'm having issues with uploading my picture gifs.... and I can't figure out WHY my recent gifs aren't animated!

Anyone got any explanations or hints, for me?

Okay, as I mentioned in a previous blog,
there might be some days where I'm scratching
my head and wondering WHAT
to post.

Sooooo....... Here's what we're having for supper, this evening!

Gilbert prepared these last Sunday and we froze them, for future meals.

We call them "Spaghetti Pie", although this time, they're not really in a pie dish.

You cook up your spaghetti, rinse and drain your pasta, add some eggs and Parmesan cheese, place mixture in a greased pie dish or other greased pan. Top with Spaghetti sauce.

Then, top with shredded moza and/or cheddar cheese.

Bake and enjoy!

Sooooo, I started counting my pennies, dimes, nickles and quarters, for my upcoming trip to Florida!


No, seriously, I looked at my little (imitation) gold bucket and it was overflowing with change, so I decided that tonight I would count and have Gilbert roll the money for me.


I told you that I'd try my best to share pictures with all of you!

And finally, we're at the moment that you've all been waiting for....

What picture number will she post today?!?!??

This is my little toy,
that a good friend had sent to me a while back.

But, to be honest, I rarely play with it.

It's now sitting on the edge of my desk and I am bound and determined to use it more often. Do any of you have one and do you use it, regularly?

Hope your Thursday's going great!


I'm heading downstairs in 20 minutes,
for Spaghetti Pie!


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Susan said...

I am still learning how to use my fabric calculator but I have really enjoyed using it for what I do know how to calculate.....

Florida sounds great....... You will have a wonderful time.......