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Friday, January 21, 2011

Can You Say "Snow Afternoon"?!?!?

Hi There!

Got a couple hours off from work -
Ladies and Gentlemen....
Can you say

Gilbert went and took a
, from our upstairs window.

Gilbert's Snow Video.

I was "supposed" to take
advantage of these couple (free) hours
and get some quilting done.

What have I done, instead?

Read my emails, surfed the web, talked with my friend Elaine on the phone, watched Gilbert take his snow storm video, shovel (with Gilbert) our entrance and deck, walk to the corner store and picked up 2 movies:
Dinner for Smucks

I'm guessing that "Inception" will be the kind of movie that I will NEED to do some hand piecing, binding on a quilt, or some rug hooking....

When a movie's got too much "thrill" or "action" for me, I have trouble watching it, directly....

Listening is okay.
Watching is too much!


Yep.... 24 more days left!

(Psssssst..... if you click on the quilt book, you'll get more info on this book.)

Pizza's on the menu for supper,
then it's


Hope you're all having
a Fantastic Friday!!!!


1 comment:

Susan In Texas said...

I'm surprised that so many houses in your neighborhood have flat roofs. They must have to shovel them regularly if it snows too much.

Happy quilting,
Susan in (sunny but cold) Texas